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The Sports Betting Academy presented by BetWorthy is an online course comprising 50 lessons and 6 modules that are designed to help you become an expert bettor.

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The Sports Betting Academy presented by BetWorthy is an online course comprising 50 lessons and 6 modules that are designed to help you become an expert bettor.

Lasting 12.5 hours and taught in English, the course is for sports fans who enjoy watching and betting on games – but who want to start winning more bets, understanding lines, odds, and markets … and making serious profits.

By the end of the course, you will be a better judge when it comes to the best sportsbooks, types of bets that work for you, and you will also be in a stronger position to start strategizing when it comes to your preferred sports, bets, and stakes.

Completing this course will help you

Create a Betting Strategy

Betting is always easier when we have a betting strategy. Via this course, you will be able to develop and refine your own betting strategy so that you know what sports and events to bet on, and how to stay on track with your stakes so that you minimize risk.

Understand Markets And Bet Types

Sports betting has hundreds of markets and bet types. It’s only when we understand what bet types work for us – as well as what sports work for us – that we can further refine our strategies.

Choose The Right Sportsbooks

The key to successful betting is knowing where to place your bets. This course will give you an eye and an ear for the best sportsbooks that are right for you in terms of sports variety, markets on offer, bonuses, and more.

Understand How To Maximize Profits

Everyone wins and loses. By learning about odds, markets, bet types, and sports, our course will help you plug the losses and maximize your profits.

Who is the course for?

Love sports? Enjoy the occasional flutter on big games?

Like the idea of winning consistently at sports betting but so far not really got anywhere?

Sports Betting Academy is for anyone who loves sports and likes the idea of sports betting, but who has so far not really taken the plunge properly.

It’s for those who want to start making money off gambling, and who understand that a rounded knowledge of sports betting is key to success.

To get the most out of this course, you have to be a keen learner. If you think that placing a few bets without much prior knowledge of odds, bet types, stakes, and markets will help you win big, this course isn’t for you.

It also isn’t for you if you’re aiming to be a recreational bettor who places bets now and then, but who has no real interest or passion for refining a consistent strategy that will help you turn a profit over the long run.

What this course will do is help you understand that you will lose bets. By learning, you can develop a strategy and mindset that works for you.

Learning path

ModuleModule 1 - Introduction

Our introduction module eases you into the world of sports betting. It discusses what you can expect to learn in the following modules while covering basic and broader concepts of sports betting, introducing you to various sports and markets, and explaining terms and definitions that will help you on your way.

ModuleModule 2 - Types of Bets

Because there are so many types of bets available – from simple moneyline bets to complex horse racing multiples – this module is designed to cover all the bases so that you’re able to do two things: a) place complex bets (if you so wish) safely in the knowledge that you understand the risk and b) find the type of bets that are going to work for you.

ModuleModule 3 - How to Bet on X

This module covers a wide range of sports, from NFL, NBA, and MLB, to horse racing, soccer, and tennis. Essentially, it introduces you to the basics of betting for each sport, highlighting the key bets for each sport, the best sportsbook for each sport, as well as how to develop a strategy that will help you maintain profit as much as possible. This module will also show you how to place bets online.

ModuleModule 4 - Sportsbooks

There are many sportsbooks available and no two betting sites are the same. Some are great for betting on certain sports, others are perfect for live streaming and others are more suitable if you want to take advantage of bonuses and promotions. This module will cover what you need to know about sportsbooks so that you’re able to choose the best one(s) for you.

ModuleModule 5 - Intermediate Lessons

While the early modules cover the basics of sports betting, module 5 takes things up a notch so that you will learn more about calculating bookmaker commission, how bookmakers set odds, concepts such as value betting, and more.

ModuleModule 6 - Advanced Tactics and Tricks

In our final module, you will start to learn how the pro sports bettors develop and refine their own sports betting strategies. We lay down a number of advanced tactics and tricks, such as how to find value bets and take advantage of betting exchanges, so that you’re able to start making profits consistently while minimizing both losses and risk.

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