How To Bet On College Football Online And Win

The fall is coming up, and that can only mean one thing: College football is back, baby! The regular season is about to get underway, and there are lots of college football games to look forward to.

For many of us, the return of this popular sport means we get to place some sweet bets. The thing is, college football betting is always so much better when you know how to bet on college football, right?

It’s my aim with this guide to introduce you to some mega NCAA strategies that will help you level up your betting game and make some killer profits. I’ll also be sharing some extra tips and tricks, as well as some online betting tools that I personally use to help me win more bets.

Why am I helping you out? Because I hate the bookies, and I want us all to win!

Let’s make a start.

Best College Football Betting Sites

Bovada is the OG betting site when it comes to college football lines and competitive odds. It also offers a betting analysis that helps you place better, more informed wagers. 

Bovada is indeed one of the most secure, most reputable sportsbooks in the U.S., and there’s currently a $250 welcome bonus on the table for new players. Bitcoin is accepted here.

MyBookie is another top-rated sportsbook for U.S. bettors. In-play action is one of its strongest features, and their college football odds are updated by the minute. There are also lots of stats to keep you informed as the play goes along. Payouts are reliable, and the site is safe and trustworthy. 

New players who sign up today can grab a 50% welcome bonus worth up to $1,000.

BetOnline is a legit U.S. sportsbook that offers plenty of college football lines. Their payouts are reliable, the site is legal in all 50 states, and they’re known for offering a greater variety of banking options than most other sites. 

When you sign up today, you’ll be eligible for a 100% welcome bonus.

Betting On NCAAF: Full Guide 

Helpful Stats & Facts For Betting On College Football 

Whenever I place a bet on sports, I always find it helpful to review some stats and facts. It helps you to place a more informed wager. Here are some helpful stats and facts I reference often, although I also suggest you research some stats of your own and add them to a spreadsheet for future reference.

  • Alabama has been the favorite in all but one games that it’s played since 2010
  • Since 2005, home teams have won 58.9% of games
  • Since 2005, home teams have covered just 48.8% of games
  • Bettors back the home team 55% of the time
  • Bill Clark is the best first-half coach, with a 15-8-1 record
  • Dana Holgerson is the worst first-half coach, with a 36-47-1 record
  • The heaviest bet win total overs in 2018 was Michigan State over 9

The Most Popular Types of NCAAF Bets 

Knowing what bet types there are will help you place bets with more confidence. Here are the most popular types of NCAAF bets explained:

Number of Points

Before a game starts, the sportsbook sets a combined total number of points between the two teams. For example, this could be 42. It’s then up to you as the bettor to bet on whether the real total combined score will be higher or lower.

In theory, it’s a simple bet. However, it requires a sound knowledge of the two teams if you’re to be successful at this type of bet in the long run. You can also do it in-play. As the game goes on, the sportsbook will adjust the combined total score.


The moneyline is easily the most popular NCAAF bet (and sports betting in general). All you have to do is back the favorites of the underdogs. And unlike spread betting, points don’t count. All your team needs to do is win the game, and the profit is yours.


A parlay is a bet that consists of three or more picks. For example, you might back three favorites to win over one weekend. If just one pick loses, the whole bet loses.

A parlay is harder to get right than a moneyline bet, but the payout is obviously much bigger. It’s also another popular sport betting wager that you can use in numerous different sports.

College Football Betting Strategy 

In this section, I’m going to share with you an NCAA football betting strategy that I personally use. Please note that past results do not guarantee future wins. It’s also important that you shape the strategy as you see fit and develop some of your own that works for you.

Find Value In Lower-Tier Games (Watch The Lines Shift)

Lower-tier games are rich with value. Why? Because the sportsbooks aren’t able to set informed lines due to simply not having enough access/resources to lower-tier NCAA football games.

In other words, lower-tier games get largely ignored by the bookies – which means YOU can clean up.

In bigger games, lines will shift less often. That’s a given. In smaller, lower-tier games, the lines will shift more often, which means you’ll be able to find bags of value if you get your timing just right. The more you check the lines, the easier it will be to spot when a big shift is coming. Then, you can get right in there.

The snag is that, just like the sportsbook has a lack of information, so will you. The best way around this is to pick a conference to focus on and choose a cable package that allows you to watch all the games. Then, you can stay one step ahead of the bookie by getting to know the league and its players intimately.
When you spot line changes and inaccurate odds, you can go ahead and place your bet.

Top Tips For Betting On College Football 

Having a betting strategy isn’t enough. It needs to be backed up by a willingness to do the right things.

In this section, I’m going to reveal a few of my favorite top tips for betting on the NCAA.

All Conferences Are Different 

What happens outside a conference doesn’t indicate what will happen inside a conference. Moreover, the inside of every conference is different – teams have different production levels, different talent levels. It’s really important that you bear this in mind.

Track Recruiting Rankings

Why should you do this? Because it’s otherwise VERY hard to measure up teams that haven’t got the same level of talent. In the NCAA, it’s rare that teams with the same talent levels play against each other. The best way to gauge talent levels is to track recruiting rankings.

Coaching Matters a Lot 

Coaches matter in the NFL – but they don’t matter that much. In the NCAA, they matter a LOT.

Why is this?

One of the reasons is that coaches do the recruiting. NCAA coaches know their players better, they get more out of them, and they’re really good at pre-game work. So when preparing your bet, it’s always wise to consider the coaches.

Track The Quarterbacks 

Quarterbacks are, of course, really important. As a college football bettor, you need to look at how much they run, which receivers they turn to if they’re in trouble, and how frequently they run on pass plays.

How do you track quarterbacks? Watch as many games as possible.

Track The Stars, Too 

All team sports have stars, and college footy is no different. These guys might not be Tom Brady’s – yet – but it’s still important that you take a look at each teams’ star. Take a look at how they affect their team in terms of performance and morale. Are they able to get the best out of them, are they able to rally them when they’re trailing?

Common Online College NCAAF Betting Tools 

To aid and assist your NCAAF betting strategies, I recommend using tools. Here are the most popular ones used by other bettors:

OddsPortal lets you shop around for prices so that you’re maximizing your profits. All bookies offer different odds, so you don’t want to make the mistake of picking low odds when higher ones are available for the same bet

Figuring out the value of a bet can be tricky. Use BetCalculator to crunch the numbers

A lot of NCAA podcasts are fun and quirky, which isn’t good when you want to pick things up for betting reasons. Landry Football is the opposite. It’s an informative podcast that will build up your NCAA knowledge from the ground up

This is exactly what its name suggests. It’s a spread and money line converter that helps you find an edge with your bets

Final Word On Betting On College Football 

Thank you for reading my guide on how to bet on college football.
The NCAA is the second most popular sport to bet on in America. Use the strategies and tips in this article to help you place better bets so that it’s enjoyable to watch and bet on. Don’t forget to use tools to help you along the way, too.

Enjoyed the article? Let me know in the comments below how you get on with your bets!

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