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52.4%. That's it - that's the number of bets you need to win (at -110 odds) to break even. Yet the vast majority of sports bettors will never get there. At its heart, sports betting is an information business. Those who know more, win more. At Betworthy, we believe in giving the average sports bettor all the data and analysis they need to make an informed betting decision, every time. No matter your sport of choice, our team of experts will guide you through every step of the betting process, from learning to spot a juicy line to helping you find the best and most reliable sportsbooks on the internet. We'll also show you how to find the most lucrative promos, the best daily props, and a whole lot more. The days of Vegas controlling all the information are past. With the power of Betworthy at your fingertips, you'll finally be armed with everything you need to be a sportsbook's biggest nightmare. 52.4% isn't a pipe dream. It's simply the beginning.


A New Era in Sporting History

March 2018

On this day, a legislation was passed which permitted each state to define their own sports gambling laws.
All 50 states in the US have now the freedom to control their future.

19th century
Early forms of gambling
First ever slots machine in San Fransisco
The Federal Wire Act
Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act
Unlawful Internet Gambling Act

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Betworthy’s people work in 5 different countries and we employ more than 10 people. Even when our people are spread all over the world, we are meeting at least once per year during company holidays.


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Will started writing back in 2013 and has been with BetWorthy since the beginning.