How to Bet on March Madness: Betting for Dummies

Betting on sports, in general, is all about strategy. Placing a bet without the right hacks or a competent guide often results in a disaster. Betting can be both entertaining and quite lucrative if you know how to play.

After going through series of NCAA games from almost every year and a few random college basketball games, I’ve compiled a list of March Madness Betting tips, good betting sites, helpful hacks, in-game, and future betting strategies that could make betting a lot more fun. Whether you are a betting dummy (soon to be sharp), an amateur or a March Madness fanatic, this guide will serve you with the best tips, tricks, and tactics on how to bet on March Madness.

You’ll be a pro in no time. Let’s do this.

Best March Madness Betting Sites

One of the most important ways to ensure a fantastic betting experience is to find a credible betting site. Every gambling site has its sportsbook, but only a few sites can provide you with the right March Madness Betting Odds.

Have you been worried about how to find the perfect sportsbook with the surest odds? Worry no longer.

Here is a list of betting sites that can help you secure the most profitable March Madness Betting games.

Since it was launch in 2009, 888 sports have grown to be a notorious gambling giant. With a well-managed & entertaining sportsbook, variety of March Madness betting lines, and bonuses, the site guarantees its users a fantastic experience.

Due to its flexibility & versatility, the site affords its customers the luxury of a standard mobile application with a super indulging interface. Users can thus access the 888sport via the website and a mobile application. They also have land-based casinos with special March Madness Vegas Odds.

The gambling site also treats it’s first time users to a Bet €10, Get €30 sign-ups bonus (amidst other bonuses), which can only be activated via a promo code.

With the fastest payouts, an authentic sports playbook, a variety of bet options, and an easy sign-up process, you can never go wrong with 888sport.

William Hill is a globally accessible sportsbook notable for its proficiency in diverse sports, especially March Madness betting games. Asides it having over two (2) million user base, it also furnishes its users with diverse banking options, hands-on customer service, few enticing bonuses, and a mobile application. Consequently, users can access William Hill’s service at its land-based casinos, a website, and a mobile application.

With William Hill, you get 10% of your live betting losses back as free bet credit on select sports. You can also watch live matches via William Hill Radio or Betting TV.

That’s not all. Upon registration, you can access the site’s free betting guide (which also features a few March Madness betting tips).

William Hill stays true to its age-long legacy of providing users with entertainment and a standard sportsbook.

Ladbrokes is as old as gaming itself. Though it fails to wow its users with bonuses, it provides one of the most dependable sportsbooks around.

This bookmarker treats it’s users to daily NBA tips, which always come in-handy for March Madness betting games. Ladbrokes provides its newcomers with modest incentives, a hassle-free registration process, and a  mobile application accessible by both Android and Apple users.

With over a century of existence, Ladbrokes serves you with the best March Madness odds, a no extra fee payout system, and a deposit option of as low as €5.

Betting on March Madness: Full Guide

Helpful Stats & Facts

There is nothing as safe as proper preparation and the right guide. I hardly have issues betting on games I’m well-grounded in.

Well, guess what? You do not always have to be grounded to win. All you need are the right hacks. So, I compiled a March Madness Betting tips list that could prepare you for the optimum betting experience.


1. Assess teams and their players: The good thing about March Madness betting games is that there are records of previous matches at the tip of your fingers. So before you place a bet, take time to watch records of previous matches of the bookmarkers favorite.

Also, study the performance of the bookmarkers favorite or underdog in games preceding the March Madness tournament. Have they been fair or foul? This knowledge will help you bet better. The bookmarker is not perfect, and not all wins can be as clear as #1 vs. #16 first-round game.

So once Selection Sunday is over, and games have been fixed, study each team properly, especially if you plan on betting on #8 vs. #9 first-round game.

2. Watch out for “Cinderella teams”: First off, note that the word “Cinderella team” is usually used to refer to competitors who achieve a lot more than what is generally expected from them.

As I’ve already stated, bookmarkers can sometimes pick favorites or underdogs based on surface predictions. But these predictions sometimes fail if you, as a bettor, is not observant enough. There have been moments in March Madness betting games when the bookmarker’s underdog won the game and even proceeded to become part of the “Sweet 16”, “Elite Eight,” or even the “Final Four.” For example, in 2018, The Ramblers broke the record as the first 11 seed to reach a Final Four. Also, in 2013, Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) popularly known as “Dunk City,” not only scaled through the first round; they were also the first 15 seed to ever get to the Sweet 16 (though they eventually lost to Florida in the sweet sixteen). In 1983, North Carolina State Wolfpack was a 6 seed that ended up as the tournament winner.

Tides change in every game, and when the bookmarker notices the gradual change in the tide, it tends to adjust its spread or payout to reduce potential losses. As a smart bettor, you should refrain from following the bookmarker sheepishly to avoid losses.

3. Expand your bookmarkers network: Since you’ve already been provided with a list of credible bookmarkers, it’s advisable not to put all of your eggs in one basket. Even with my level of expertise, I still do not bet on March madness with a single bookmarker.

Open accounts with various credible bookmarkers. That way you afford yourself a wide range of march madness odds to choose from.

4. Not all NCAA bettors will win. Hard fact, but it’s true. According to March Madness betting statistics, over 40 million US Adults wager on NCAA basketball. Most will lose. But the good news is, you do not have to be amongst the ones who’ll lose. If you adhere to the rules in this guide, you’ll do fine.

5. NCAA team rankings do not necessarily project the future performance of teams.

6. When you win, your original stake will be returned alongside your earnings.

7. When betting on the Moneyline, note that there is no price for second place. You either win or lose.

8. When most bettors seem to place bets on a particular team, bookmarkers tend to adjust the spread and the payout to reduce losses. Be careful!

Most Popular Types of March Madness Bets

Unlike other sports, betting on basketball, particularly March Madness, is a lot easier. However, prior knowledge of common March Madness betting types is required to ensure a successful betting experience.

When it comes to college basketball betting in general, the sportsbook menu portrays the three major bet types:

Betting on the Moneyline: This is the most popular type of bet when it comes to sports betting in general. With college basketball, it is the most common and easiest March Madness Betting line. It simply means placing your bet on a team to win a game. When you bet on the Moneyline, how much you win depends on the odds, and how much money you are willing to risk.

If you intend to bet on the Moneyline, here are simple facts you must know:

  • A three-digit number often portrays the Moneyline.>
  • a positive Moneyline tells you how much you stand to win on a $100 bet (note that $100 is the standard betting amount in most cases).
  • a college basketball team with a negative Moneyline is the bookmarkers’ favorite.
  • a college basketball team with a positive Moneyline is the bookmarkers underdog.
  • a negative Moneyline shows how much you’ll have to bet in order to win $100.
  • when it comes to betting on the Moneyline, it’s either all or nothing. You either win or lose, there’s no price for second place.
  • In first seed matches, especially games between #1 and #16, bookmarkers most times do not offer the option of wagering on the Moneyline.
  • Sportbooks will normally not offer the option of wagering on the Moneyline if the spread is more than 15-points.

Wagering against the spreads: The first row usually states the spread (also known as the great equalizer). Betting against the spread tends to prove more complicated than other bets, but the positive and negative denotations still apply like the Moneyline. Going by our chart, if you wager on the favorite with the spread set at -5.5 points, the favorite must win by 6points for them to have covered the spread. If they do, you win. If, however, you wager on the underdog, even if they do not win the match, you still win.

This may seem like an easy play, but it’s a lot more complicated than that. To calculate your win on a spread wager, you have to consider the bracket’s digits immediately at the spread point, which indicates the NCAA tournament odds for each spread. In our playbook, we have 110 in both brackets with negative denotations. It simply means that for you to win $100, you have to stake $110 for each spread.

When placing a wager against spreads in March Madness betting games, you have to note the following:

  • Spread betting is available at all March Madness rounds.
  • Some spreads can be really narrow.e.g. #8 vs. #9 seeds usually have narrow spreads. Spreads for #1 vs. #16 seed or #2 vs. #15 seed can be quite huge.
  • Bookmarkers tend to adjust the spread or payout when more bettors wager on a particular team. While it seems unfair, they have rights reserved to do so. So be careful.

Over/Under wagers: Unlike the two other betting types, here you’re not pledging your loyalty to any college basketball team. You are only concerned with the outcome or total score of the game. Once the bookmarker projects a number of points to be won in a game, all you have to do is a wager on whether the actual number of points scored will be Over (more) or Under (less) than the bookmarkers projection. If you bet on Over and the total score is more, you win. If not, you lose. It’s a very simple and straightforward betting type. Remember that you have to consider the March madness odds to win. To calculate your win, consider the payout digits in the bracket.

Sometimes, the NCAA championship odds can be set at a whole number instead of half, as we have in our make-do sportsbook. In such cases of total scores ends at the bookmarkers projection, bettors for the Under and Over win.

Asides from these three major bet types, there are a few other common March Madness bet types:

Future bets: this is simply placing a wager on who wins an upcoming championship title or an individual player award. Future bets are usually placed long before teams are determined.

There is also the option of wagering on what teams will qualify for the “Final Four“. This wager can be quite easy to predict as games are on. But you should never place a future bet on the final four. It’s risky

March Madness Betting Strategy

Now that you have a list of credible bookmarkers, a few hacks, and bet types, the next thing you need is Strategy. That’s what differentiates you from the other bettors’ March Madness Betting Statisticspredicts will lose. Here is a simple strategy:

Specialize in live/ in-game betting: the thing about betting in-game or on live games is that at a certain point, you can withdraw your bet if the game seems to in the opposite direction. When you withdraw your bets in live games, you can reduce the damage, gain a little profit and your original stake. For example, instead of betting on a full match, you can bet on the first half, study the game, and then wager in the second half.

Top Tips for Betting on March Madness

Armed with a Strategy, you will still be needing a few top tips for betting on March Madness.

1.When you bet on March Madness games, always pay attention to the efficiency, tempo, offense & defense levels of a team before you place your wager.

2. High ranking college basketball teams do not necessarily guarantee an excellent performance. Be on guard.

3. Only place bets when there is value.

4.Future bets are not always guaranteed. Avoid them as much as possible.

5. Never bet more than you are willing to lose.

6. Placing wagers on #1 vs. #16 seed or #2 vs. #15 seed can be profitable, as the most time, the bookmarker’s favorite tends to win. However, watch out for Cinderella teams (teams from North Carolina have that tendency).

7.Do not wager on every single game.

8. Bet on March madness with your head and never with your heart.


Basketball games, especially National Collegiate Athletics Association tournaments, can serve entertainment purposes and be friendly to your pocket at the same time. All you need is the right guide, tactics, a credible bookmarker, and consistency.

These tips not only teach you how to bet on March madness, but it also promises you a smooth betting experience. They do not, however, guarantee constant wins. Even the best of bettors lose sometimes. However, if you are smart, consistent, and adherent to these tips whenever you’re playing March Madness betting games, you will be making strategic and huge wins.

Remember, it’s all about strategy and tactics. Bet with your head, never with your heart, and only when there is value. All the best in your betting experience. Good luck.

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