How to Bet on Dog Races: Best Tips & Tricks

Since the first oval greyhound track was opened at Emeryville, California, in 1920, this sport has captured the imagination of betting enthusiasts throughout the US. The modern greyhound racing industry features live dog racing in six US states, with simulcast coverage of the greyhound races broadcast to 13 others.

Dog gambling provides fast and frenetic action and you can choose from a variety of bets, including betting on the winner and more exotic betting options such as the twin trifecta. To help you get started, we’ve put together the key information you need to bet on dogs.

Best Dog Racing Sites

To be successful at dog betting, it is important to choose the best betting site. Not every site will give you all the tools and information that you need to succeed.

William Hill is one of the best-known betting companies around, and that reputation, which extends back many decades, makes this operator a reliable option for greyhound betting fans.

The company has been growing in the US betting market and greyhound betting fans in Nevada and New Jersey can access the William Hill app, whilst the William Hill site offers comprehensive greyhound betting coverage from around the world and competitive odds.

Another European betting company that has established itself in the US is 888 Sport. Like William Hill, this operator has plenty of betting industry experience behind it and offers the widest collection of worldwide greyhounds you can find. It is particularly strong on its coverage of UK and Australian racing.

If you’re betting on the greyhounds online and you want a purely US-based option, Bet America is your best bet. The site boasts coverage of 1,000 events every week. It has been providing dogs racing betting markets since 2007 and, impressively, offers extensive live streaming of racing and footage of archived events.

Betting On Dog Races: Complete Guide

Helpful Stats & Facts

Knowing a few stats and facts about the great sport of dogs racing can help you to avoid some of the obvious pitfalls.

  • All Gamblers Lose
    • Whatever you bet on, no-one can expect to win all the time, even if you are a successful gambler. Coming to terms with this is an important psychological milestone.

      • Always Bet Value

      Successful dogs bettors lose more often than they win, but they profit long term by ensuring they only bet when the odds represent value.

      • Do Your Homework

      At a track with six traps, you can expect each trap to contribute 1/6 or 16.67% of the winners. If that figure is higher or lower, you may have spotted a profitable bias.

      • Know Yourself

      Around 10 million people in the US have a gambling problem. If you suspect you have a gambling problem, seek help. Gambling is not a short cut to riches or an answer to financial problems.

      The Most Popular Types Of Dog Race Bets

      Modern sportsbooks give you plenty of betting options, but some markets remain more popular than others. Here are the main options to consider.

      • Straight Bet
        • This is the standard bet. With a straight bet, you’re betting on a dog to win. If your choice finishes first, you’re winner and your payout will be based on the win odds.

          • Place Bet

          With this option, you’re betting on a dog to finish in the first two. If your selection is one of the first pair of dogs home, you win, but you will be paid out at lower odds than with a straight bet.

          • Show Bet

          This option will pay out if your dog finishes in the top three. Again, you will be paid out at lower odds, which are based on a fraction of the straight bet odds.

          • Perfecta

          To be a perfecta bet winner, you have to pick the first two dogs to finish in the correct order. This can be a tricky bet, but the odds will be bigger than for straight bets.

          • Trifecta

          The trifecta involves picking the first three dogs in order. This means you have to pick a dog to finish first, second and third. The payout with a trifecta is often impressive.

          • Quinella

          This bet requires you to pick the first two dogs home in any order, so it doesn’t matter which will finish first, second and third.

          Dog Racing Betting Strategy

          Bettors have been trying to unlock the key to dogs betting for decades, but some strategies are more advisable than others. Here are two of the most popular options.

          • Hedging

          This is a betting concept that involves protecting yourself by betting on your preferred dog but having a second bet on the main danger. You might bet on the favourite dog to win, but spread your risk by betting on its likeliest challenger to show. You may reduce your payout if your selection finishes first, but if it doesn’t finish first, you will have some extra insurance.

          • Trap Knowledge

          The rough and tumble of a greyhound race can disrupt the fortunes of even a top class dog. Having the inside trap may be an advantage most of the time, but if a short priced dog with the inside draw is often slow away, this information can provide you with a betting opportunity by backing one of its rivals.

          Top Tips For Betting On Dog Races

          There’s no substitute for learning from experience, but there are some truths about this great sport that are universally applicable and it may save you some time and money to bear them in mind.

          • Age

          Most greyhounds peak at two years old, with some females peaking at three, so be cautious about betting on dogs outside of this age range.

          • Track Record

          Not all tracks are equal, and having information about an entrant’s record at a particular trap can give you an edge.

          • Trap Record
            • Some dogs are at their best when starting from a particular trap. The traps play a huge role in greyhound races, so make sure you study a greyhound’s record from the relevant trap number before betting.

              • Form

              Dogs with deteriorating form or those who have been off the track for a long time may be suffering from a physical problem, so be wary of banking on them to bounce back in the short term


              Betting on the greyhounds is an exciting pastime and nothing can beat the thrill of cheering on as your dog finishes to land a big bet. By doing your homework and becoming familiar with the sport in depth, you will be giving yourself the best chance of profiting from your betting. And, if you want to know more about how to bet on dog racing check out some of the sites mentioned above or go along to a dog track and get to know the sport first hand.

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