How To Make Progress In Betting In 3 Steps

Knowing how to make progress in sports betting means knowing how to make a success of sports betting. It means not losing your bankroll and making consistent profits over the long term.

Of course, it isn’t easy. Most people who get into sports betting find that they aren’t able to make any sort of profit consistently. So how do you make progress in betting? Is it even possible? 

Let’s find out. 

Pick Your Selections Carefully 

You can’t make progress in sports betting if you’re the kind of bettor who places bets all day, everyday.

I’ve seen this type of bettor. They’ll win their first bet at 10am, and maybe by noon they’ve tripled their profits.

But they keep going. They keep wagering on this, that and that. By the time 4pm rolls around, they’ve been wiped out completely after a series of 20+ bets. 

Making progress is impossible if you adopt that sort of attitude. Instead, you need to pick your selections carefully. 

For example, maybe you could pick out two value bets the night before and just stick to them. If they win, great! Then, you wait until the next value bets come along, either the next day or the day after. You have patience and don’t bet on a whim. You identify value and take advantage of windows of opportunity.

Know Your Sports 

The casual bettor understands sports – to a degree.

But do they really take the time to truly know a sport inside out? Possibly not.

Moreover, they might also start chucking darts at random walls in the hope of landing something.

That’s not the way to do things if you want to make a serious success of this. 

Take the time to become educated about the sports you want to bet on. If you want to bet on the NFL, soccer and tennis, get to know each sport inside out. Watch games – lots of games. Understand the form, the players, the statistics. 

Eventually, things will open up. You’ll start spotting mistakes made by the bookies when they’ve underpriced a bet you know is gonna win. You’ll start finding value all the time and you won’t be guessing anymore. 

Know When To Go Big And When To Go Small When Betting

Casual bettors can rarely go big with their bets, simply because they don’t have the required bank roll. Moreover, they don’t really want to go big.

So instead they stick to a parlay bet. They bunch together 5+ picks into one selection, set a small stake of about $5 and hope to God all 5+ picks come in.

As we know in gambling, they rarely come in. 

At some point, if you want to make progress in betting, you will need to go big. You might set smaller stakes on bets you’re not 100% sure of, and maybe you’ll have a few double and treble bets.

But now and then, you’ll need to go big on single bets that you’re around 80% sure will come off, and whose odds are around evens or better. It’s these bets that will help you make progress by building up your bankroll over time. They will pay off more often than not, but you need a betting strategy in place so that you know when to go big and when to go small. 

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