What Is a Heinz Bet? Heinz Bet Explained

The Heinz bet is one of the most complex horse racing bet types there is. It consists of 57 bets across six selections and should only be attempted by those who know what they’re doing.

In this article, we’ll be breaking down what this bet is all about so that you’re in a better position to decide whether or not this is the bet for you. 

Heinz Bet Explained

This bet consists of 57 bets across six selections. 

It looks like this: 

  • 1x six-fold accumulator 
  • 6x five-fold accumulators 
  • 15x four-fold accumulators 
  • 20x trebles
  • 15x doubles 

Some punters see this bet as a ‘coverage bet’ because it does allow you to cover some losing selections. However, if you only have one winner, you won’t make a return. In fact, you need at least two selections to win to generate a return, and more than that to lock in a profit. 

Pros of a Heinz Bet 

This bet is there to offer the punter a bit of reassurance. This is because even if a few of your selections lose, you could still turn a profit if enough of them win. As such, punters see it as a better bet than a single bet or other forms of multiple bets, including Trixie bets and patent bets. 

However, the biggest reason a Heinz bet is so appealing is because it can generate huge returns if you get it right. You could generate the same profits via a single 6-fold accumulator, but that would necessitate you to get every selection correct. 

Not just that, but this type of bet is seen as one of the most exciting bets around. 

Cons of a Heinz Bet

One of the biggest downsides to this type of bet is that it requires a fairly big stake in the first place. 

Secondly, while returns are all but guaranteed if two of your selections come in, profits are not guaranteed until a number of your selections come in.

Thirdly, the Heinz bet requires dedication. You need to understand the form, and you need to be an experienced bettor who knows your sport inside out. More than that, placing a Heinz wager is very time-consuming due to the number of bets. 

How Do I Calculate a Heinz Bet? 

Calculating a Heinz bet isn’t easy. You need to sum together the returns of each of your selections:

  • Double 
  • Treble 
  • 4-fold
  • 5-fold
  • 6-fold

This can be complex and is open to human error. This is why most experienced sports bettors use a Bet Calculator to help determine their returns. 

Is The Heinz Bet Only Available For Horse Racing? 

No. The Heinz wager is definitely more popular among horse race bettors than other types of sports bettors but it can still be placed on other sports, too. 

However, the reason Heinz bets are so popular with horse racing is because they’re ideal whenever there are multiple events held on the same day, or over the same weekend. 

Can I Do An Each-Way Heinz Bet? 

You can. 

An Each-Way Heinz wager consists of double the amount of selections – 114. It also requires an even bigger stake, but it allows you to cover yourself even more. 


Because the Heinz bet requires a hefty stake, we definitely recommend that you only try it if you’re willing to put in the time needed to study the form, and if you already understand the sport you’re betting on intimately. If you do, and if you use a bet calculator to help, this type of bet can be a profitable bet in the long-term. 

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