What is a Trixie Bet? Trixie Bet Explained

There are many different ways to bet on sports, and one of the most popular ways is with the Trixie bet. 

But what is a Trixie bet exactly? How can you place one – and should you place one? 

In this article, we take a look at exactly what a Trixie bet is and how it works. 

Trixie Betting Explained 

The Trixie bet is more common in horse racing than any other sport. It works like the patent bet and is pretty simple: It’s a wager that consists of four bets – 3 doubles and one treble bet. 

In essence, you can also see it as a treble that you’ve added three doubles to. The reason it’s so popular is that should one of your selections lose, you will still get a return profit because your other three selections have won. 

Essentially, then, the Trixie bet is one way that horse race bettors hedge their bets – in other words, it’s a cover bet. If you miss out on your treble, but your doubles come in, you win! The returns are obviously lower than with a single bet, but the likelihood of you winning is higher. 

Sounds Good … But How Does The Trixie Bet Work Exactly? 

The Trixie bet works best in horse races because you can’t bet on numerous outcomes on the same event. 

For example, in soccer, bettors can place a variety of bets, including over/under total goals, number of corners, number of cards, and so on. With the Trixie bet, you wouldn’t be able to bet on over/under total goals and the number of cards in the same game. 

With horse racing, the Trixie bet works well because you can bet on the outcome of different races and bundle them together as doubles and a treble. For example, if you’re planning to bet on the Kentucky Derby, you can bet on a variety of races over the course of a day and bundle them into a Trixie bet in order to increase your chances of winning. 

Due to its nature, a Trixie bet is a wager that can keep the fun going over the course of a major horse racing event. Even if one selection fails, you can still keep going.

To help you work out your odds, it’s a good idea to use a Trixie bet calculator.

Are There Any Downsides To Trixie Bets? 

One of the downsides of a Trixie bet is that it does require a higher stake than a regular accumulator. For example, if you normally place a $1 stake on an accumulator, you’d need to place a $4 stake on a Trixie.

And while a Trixie has a higher chance of winning than an accumulator, success isn’t guaranteed. If all your events lose, you lose your whole stake. If three of your four events lose, you also win nothing. And while you will win something if two of your events win, the returns might be smaller than your stake. 

On the other hand, if three selections win, you’re guaranteed to be in profit.

Should I Place a Trixie Bet? 

It’s largely up to you to decide what type of bet to place. But if you’re the type of bettor who enjoys an accumulator but you’re tired of losing because one selection always lets you down, a Trixie bet might be a better, safer wager. Even if one selection does lose, you’ll still make a profit regardless. To work out your profit, you can use a Trixie bet calculator.

That said, a Trixie bet is only really useful in horse races. And it’s especially useful if you’re planning to spend an afternoon watching different races. However, you can also have fun with it in other sports if you use your creativity. For example, you could place “first goalscorer” bets in various different soccer games. It’s not an easy bet to get right, but it’s a lot of fun – and the returns could be huge if you manage to get 3 out of 4 bets right. 

If you’re ready to place a Trixie bet, the next step is to use a Trixie bet calculator to work out your odds.

Also, don’t forget to read our other guides on a variety of bet types.

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