• There is a growing amount of claims from people that Wagerweb is a fraudulent operation and that bettors should stay away.

  • Great variety of sports to bet on, has everything you need, and you'll never find something you can't bet on.

  • They have three main bonuses that seem quite attractive, and the rollover for each of them is surprisingly not so high.

  • The website's branding and navigation are messy and ugly, with a lot of annoying ads and progress blockers.

  • There's nothing particularly outstanding about Wagerweb's cashier service - they offer the main methods to deposit and withdraw money, including Bitcoin.

Currencies Accepted

Bitcoin, USD

Minimum Deposit





English, Spanish

Live Chat

Wagerweb is a well-known sportsbook among the experienced and veteran bettors who are well aware of the presence Wagerweb has had in over 20 years of its existence. Established in 1994, Wagerweb is a sportsbook with a track record of being a well-run operation with good customer service. They are currently available for bettors residing in the U.S., despite having an EU domain. This is always a welcome sign to see as it means that they operate legally within the strict regulations that the U.S. gambling industry has to exist in. For most, Wagerweb is a solid choice for a sportsbook as it's been around and operating for so long. However, a growing group of reviewers and bettors are becoming disenchanted with the company and are claiming that they are engaging in shady activity.
  • Operating since 1994
  • Great sports options and a wide variety of markets
  • Good selection of bonuses for new users
  • A clunky and messy website
  • To sign up, you need to phone their hotline
  • Piling evidence of fraudulent activity

Overview of Wagerweb

Wagerweb Sportsbook Review: Sports Betting, Online Casino & Racebook

Wagerweb is licensed and registered in Costa Rica, as so many online sportsbooks are. Although they are technically headquartered in South America, they have an .EU domain and are operational in the U.S. and Canada. Truly an international company. Or probably just going through certain legal loopholes.

Regardless of their operation’s legal complexities, they have been around for a very long time and have been available in the U.S. forever, which is always a reassuring sign for bettors that the company has a good foundation.

Wagerweb doesn’t extend its tendrils to cover a wide variety of different services, such as poker or lotto. Instead, they keep their features concise and focused in an attempt to ensure that they can provide the best possible experience for the limited services they provide.

As a result, you can find a solid sports betting experience on Wagerweb and a reputable casino.

Things To Consider Before Signing Up

  • Difficulty Signing Up: Signing up with Wagerweb is extreme pain.  To make a password, it is required it is 8 to 10 characters long, includes both upper and lowercase letters, number, and a special symbol. Have fun with this extremely unnecessary process. On top of that, to even activate your account you have to call them, which is even more unnecessary.
  • Growing Concerns Around Legitimacy: Although Wagerweb is an ancient titan in the sportsbook world, there has been a growing vocal crowd of disenchanted bettors. There are numerous claims of fraud and cheating regarding the site.

Wagerweb Broken Down: What’s It Got?

Sports & Live Betting

Although Wagerweb’s main website may be pretty clunky and ugly, the sports betting section is surprisingly easy to navigate. It doesn’t feel empty, moreso it feels like it has the necessities front and center and all unnecessary clutter is stripped away.

Wagerweb really does pride themselves on their sports odds and markets. It’s easy to tell that they make it as smooth and seamless as possible for customers to make bets on their favorite sports.

Their odds are competitive with most other sites, so you won’t be missing out on much by betting with Wagerweb rather than any other website. You’ll also find an abundance of different sports, leagues, and competitions all on the website.

Another positive is that they do have a decent segment for esports odds. Seeing as esports is one of the hottest trends right now on all sportsbooks, it’s imperative that Wagerweb try and get ahead of the curve and provide a great service for esports bettors. And for the most part, they do a good job at it.

Online Casino

The casino is not Wagerweb’s strong suit. That much is very obvious, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t try their best to provide their customers with a functioning online casino.

There is quite a decent amount of slots available for those who are interested in some flashy games with bright animations and tantalizing bonuses. However, they don’t have the best slots available to you, such as Netent games. The ones they do provide aren’t the worst out there.

Unfortunately, you won’t find any Megaways or modern games, you’ll just have to do with the traditional slots.

As for table games, Wagerweb provides users with the standard blackjack and roulette options, which are definitely staples for all online casinos to have.

Live Dealer

Like most sportsbooks that have an online casino service built-in, Wagerweb also provides its customers with a live dealer service.

The purpose of live dealers is to eliminate any doubt from the bettor’s side that there is any malicious activity or cheating going on. The bettor can see the dealer transparently dealing with the cards, so there can be no room for error or cheating.

It’s always beneficial to have a live dealer service as it makes your brand seem more professional and legitimate, and although Wagerweb’s live dealer service is definitely not the most polished or pretty, it does its basic function quite well.

You’ll have the obvious table games available to you so you can play your favorite blackjack or roulette games while feeling safe and secure knowing that, although the odds may be in the house’s favor, you have a fighting chance.

Bonuses and Promotions

If you haven’t already seen the numerous ads Wagerweb plasters all over its website for their promotions, then you can click on the “Promotions” tab to see what they have to offer. Compared to other websites, Wagerweb provides surprisingly good bonuses.

Wagerweb offers the typical deposit bonus that most other sites have, but the difference is that Wagerweb had a three-tier system, you can find more in-depth details below:

  • Welcome Bonus: Minimum deposit of $100 with a 50% cash back bonus (x15 rollover) or 75% free play bonus for use on casino games.
  • High Roller Bonus: $100 minimum deposit, with a 20% cash back bonus (x10 rollover) or a 30% free play bonus.
  • Elite Bonus: $100 minimum deposit, 10% cash back bonus (x8 rollover) or 15% free play bonus.

Why do the bonuses get worse the higher up the system you go? Who knows. But the normal tier (welcome bonus) seems like a perfectly fine bonus to claim if you’re interested in welcome bonuses.

On top of those welcome bonuses, you can also find a load of reload bonus options that changes every month. We’ve attached a screenshot below, so feel free to check it out:

Wagerweb Sportsbook Review: Sports Betting, Online Casino & Racebook

And last but not least, there’s a special bonus they provide where your 10th deposit will be free as long as you’ve made 9 deposits in a row without requesting a payout.

What Are Others Saying About Wagerweb?

As previously mentioned, there is a growing amount of claims against Wagerweb surfacing on the Internet. On an initial inspection for reviews by authoritative sites and customers alike, you’ll find nothing but good things. So initially, everything seems fine and dandy.

However, once you dig a bit deeper and Google search with more specific keywords, you can find the darker side of Wagerweb poke its head out.

Wagerweb Sportsbook Review: Sports Betting, Online Casino & Racebook

This individual’s case went somewhat viral in the betting Internet sphere. He posted his initial claims to a forum that then spread around to review websites that documented the exchange between himself and customer service.

The chat logs were published where the customer was talking to the customer support agent, where he believes the terms of the bonus were altered, and the agent simply replied with “management’s decisions”.

Cases like these are certainly even more worrisome when you find actual proof from the customer’s side. Typically, complaints like these are baseless and purely anecdotal; however, when evidence is produced, the allegations’ gravity becomes much more serious.

The forum post in question provides many more cases (with evidence) against Wagerweb

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Currently, Wagerweb provides users with the opportunity to deal with Bitcoin, where the clearance time is quick, and there are no additional fees!

This becomes very ambiguous. Their rules state that they provide a free payout once every 30 days via bank transfer, other than that it costs a staggering $75 to withdraw your money via bank transfer. Bitcoin withdrawals are free, so please, for your sake, withdraw with Bitcoin.

For the most part, it seems as if they are a safe choice. They have been around for an extremely long time, and a website cannot operate legally for so long if they were engaging in fraudulent activity. However, it is advised that you exercise caution when it comes to the website, as there have been many evidence-based claims against them.

Based on the tier system requirements we posted above, it seems as if the normal welcome bonus seems to be the best value for money. The higher you go, the less percentage cash back you get back, regardless of the lower rollover numbers.

Wagerweb Review: Final Verdict

In this Wagerweb review, we discussed many aspects of the sportsbook and went as in-depth as possible to provide a clear scope of what you’ll be getting when you sign up. There are definitely positive aspects to the website’s operation, such as its strong sports betting lines and markets.

The online casino is not the best out there, however it is serviceable at best and some may even enjoy it if you like simple casinos with no fluff. The live dealer, likewise, is quite bare and not as advanced as many others out there, but there is a niche for everyone and you might find yourself enjoying it.

Although Wagerweb’s bonuses seem pretty lucrative, there are reports that there are a lot of problems regarding the terms and services surrounding them and you can be caught up in some switch-ups when Wagerweb sees fit.

All in all, Wagerweb is a decent choice for bettors. Those who are veterans of the betting community may already be aware that Wagerweb is an ancient foundation in the online sportsbook industry, so that can be of some consolidation for newer bettors looking for a new home.



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