• We'll get into more reasons as to why Betphoenix is untrustworthy, but they employ common tactics to make sure withdrawing money is as hard as possible among serious allegations of fraud.

  • In terms of variety, they have most of the mainstream markets but nothing really too special.

  • Betphoenix provides its customers with a huge array of bonuses, from straight-up deposit bonuses to casino bonuses.

  • The branding, color scheme, and navigation is pretty good and is unique.

  • Although they provide a wide variety of banking options, withdrawal fees and times are ludicrous.

Currencies Accepted

Bitcoin, USD

Minimum Deposit






Live Chat

Betphoenix is a relatively newer online sportsbook, founded in 2006. Their mission statement, according to their About Us page, is to cater to both the Eastern and Western gaming markets and unite them. Betphoenix is available in English, Vietnamese, Spanish & Chinese. So on the communications front, Betphoenix is fulfilling its mission. This is undoubtedly one of the more unique goals for a sportsbook, as it's quite uncommon for one to try to cater to multiple languages, especially Asian ones. Generally, it's more likely you see websites offering either English and Spanish or another commonly spoken language. Betphoenix is registered in Costa Rica, like a lot of online sportsbooks are, and is fully operational in the U.S., which is great news for those in the North American continent looking for a new sportsbook. However, they are also a part of the Skybook group who do not have a very good reputation at all, so tread carefully.
  • Sports betting odds and markets are solid
  • The bonuses are abundant and valuable
  • Navigation of the website is noob-friendly
  • Purposely makes it hard to withdraw winnings
  • The abundant amount of complaints
  • Horrible reputation

Overview of Betphoenix

Betphoenix Sportsbook Review: Sports Odds, Casino & Lottery

When you first glance at the website, you’re met with flashy imagery and enticing branding. The design of the website is crisp and clean and makes it exciting to start betting. Every single tab has some sort of animation or fancy branding, which can visually attract bettors to sign up.

However, if you cut through the pretty surface of Betphoenix, you’ll find a plethora of problems and allegations that will make you second guess signing up in the first place.

In terms of the actual services – Betphoenix does have a competent sports betting platform. They provide competitive live betting odds for those looking to put in a quick bet, and they have pretty good odds in general as well.

Additionally, they also have a pretty decent online casino service. Although it feels a bit bare, with a few improvements, it has all the necessary elements there to make it compete with the best.

Things To Consider Before Signing Up

  • Allegations of Fraud: As is the case with most online casinos, you’ll find a lot of disgruntled customers complaining about not receiving payouts. These should never be discarded as meaningless. However, usually they should be taken with a grain of salt. In this case, however, Betphoenix has way too many claims against them that correspond with each other.
  • Withdrawing Is Almost Impossible: Betphoenix holds the rights to label you as a professional gambler in a sense. Once you meet a certain threshold and have a lot of earnings in your balance, they revoke you as a “recreational gambler,” and they will start to make it as difficult as possible for you to withdraw your big earnings. Although it can be common for the shadier sportsbooks, Betphoenix makes it very obvious.
  • Allegations of Cheating: There was an in-depth investigation done by ThePogg that meticulously researched a complaint that the video poker software used by Betphoenix was cheating him. The conclusion to this investigation was that they could replicate a certain event in the game that would set the player at a disadvantage every time. On top of this, this is not the first time the gaming software has been questioned.

Betphoenix Broken Down: What’s It Got?

Sports & Live Betting

Betphoenix Sportsbook Review: Sports Odds, Casino & Lottery

It’s pretty easy to navigate through Betphoenix’s sports betting section, however, those who are new to looking at odds, fractions, and numbers may feel a bit confused at first.

To the left-hand side, you’ll see all of the markets available to you, and as you hover over it, it’ll expand to provide you with more specific markets. This can be confusing at first and can take a little time to learn. However, once you do it’s not much of a hurdle.

Betphoenix does provide esports markets; however, they are restricted to the more popular games such as CS:GO, LOL, and Dota 2. Those who enjoy other games such as R6, Hearthstone, or Rocket League won’t be getting those options here. This is unfortunate, but perhaps in the future, we can expect to see more sportsbooks adopting more esports markets.

The one major critique when it comes to the sports betting page has to be the fact that Betphoenix has multiple categories for soccer that clutters the navigation menu. You can see that they have a category called “Soccer – UEFA”, “Soccer – England”, and so on. This makes the menu messy and redundant – perhaps they do this to artificially inflate the number of categories they have.

Online Casino

Betphoenix Sportsbook Review: Sports Odds, Casino & Lottery

In terms of the casino that Betphoenix provides, it’s definitely not one of the worst we’ve seen on the Internet. Unfortunately, they do not provide the latest and best slots, such as those from Neteller because the selection of slots they provide is very outdated.

Betphoenix provides three roulette games: American Roulette, European Roulette, and French Roulette. This is more than enough for those who prefer virtual gambling.

They also have virtual poker – not the kind like Pokerstars – but video poker.

And finally, they have a bunch of card games such as baccarat, blackjack, HiLo, and pontoon.

Their selection of table games definitely outshines their slots. The game atmosphere feels classy and professional, and the animation runs smoothly to create an enjoyable online gambling experience.

However, the claims of cheating and fraud against the gaming software that Betphoenix adopts on their casino cannot be ignored. As a summary of what was explained above, the virtual poker games have been investigated and there is conclusive evidence that the software is cheating users. With this information at your disposal, play at your own risk.

Live Dealer

Betphoenix Sportsbook Review: Sports Odds, Casino & Lottery

Betphoenix provides a live dealer service for three casino games: blackjack, roulette, and baccarat. Although not as well developed as other website’s live dealer service, it does get the job done.

If you feel that virtual table games are not trustworthy enough, then you can hop onto Betphoenix’s live dealer service and be assured that there is no way they can be cheating you there. Everything is transparent and done properly.

In lieu of the allegations of cheating and fraud on Betphoenix’s virtual games, players may feel a lot more comfort in the live dealer service.


Betphoenix Sportsbook Review: Sports Odds, Casino & Lottery

Lastly, one of the unique services Betphoenix provides is their lottery tab. It’s a fun looking page where you can buy a cheap lottery ticket in hopes of a big payout.

They have tickets that run every day, such as the California and New York ones, and they have a ticket that runs Monday through Saturday called Texas. So you can be sure you can catch one every day of the week.

Bonuses and Promotions

Right off the bat, when you enter the “Bonuses” tab, you’re met with a barrage of pictures with big words and percentages. Betphoenix admittedly offers a huge amount of bonuses. Here we’ll be discussing the best ones and we’ll give you all the codes as well:

  • 500% Virtual Casino Bonus: Get a massive 500% bonus on a deposit of at least $50 and a maximum of $1500. The promotion has an x35 rollover and the minimum cash out is x4. This means if you deposit $50, you’ll get $250 to play with but you’ll have to wager $1750 in order to cash out.CODE:BPVC500
  • 150% Free Play: This is for deposits of $200 or more and has an x16 rollover. CODE: BP150
  • 350% Slots Bonus: The bonus is only valid for deposits between $50 and $250 and carries an x30 rollover. CODE:BPSLOT350
  • 500% Slots Bonus: This one is for deposits between $251 and $500 with an x32 rollover.CODE:BPSLOT500

What Are Others Saying About Betphoenix?

If you take a look at reviews of Betphoenix from other websites, you’ll find very worrying results.

Betphoenix Sportsbook Review: Sports Odds, Casino & Lottery

When you look for reviews on this website, you can find messages such as the one above everywhere. Betphoenix is blacklisted from many review websites, not just this one. You can find a common sentiment that reviewers claim Betphoenix practices fraudulent business activities and do not pay out their customers accordingly.

It’s one thing to receive these claims and allegations from paying customers, as it’s expected for an online casino to receive flack from customers due to the fact that people’s financials and emotions are affected. However, for review websites to actively blacklist Betphoenix is a horrible sign.

On top of this, it seems as if there is some suppression of actual customer reviews as there are no posts or pages about Betphoenix on review aggregation websites apart from Askgamblers. You can barely find any information on Betphoenix on Reddit or other big social media websites.

Frequently Asked Questions

The minimum bet amount is at $5 online and $25 over the phone.

Bitcoin seems to be the main option they endorse. However, you can deposit via credit/debit card, litecoin, e-wallet, etc. They all have their own individual deposit requirements and limits.

The best way to contact them will definitely be through live chat. However, you can also call them on their toll-free number or via email. They have a pretty responsive customer support team available to help you.

It is true that, although there is a lot of trouble surrounding them, it is actually possible to find people saying good things about the website. Typically judging a sportsbook as trustworthy or not is pretty subjective; however, it is our opinion that Betphoenix cannot be trusted in this particular case.

Betphoenix Review: Final Verdict

There was a lot of evidence and discussion around the issues that Betphoenix face in terms of trustworthiness and allegations of fraud. Unfortunately, it must be discussed in-depth to give potential new bettors the full scope before they sign up for something they may not know they’re getting themselves into.

If we cast aside all the claims, Betphoenix could be a pretty decent sportsbook for those looking for something new. They have competitive odds and markets for their sports selection, and they live betting is easy to use.

The fact that they try to bridge the gap between Eastern and Western markets is a breath of fresh air, as it feels as if there is not much representation for Eastern markets in online casinos. If you’re Chinese living in America and feel more comfortable with digesting information in Chinese, Betphoenix could be a great choice for you.

The best aspect of Betphoenix is no doubt their customer support. They have an attentive live chat service that strives to provide you with the help you need, and their toll-free number and email is a good backup if you can’t access a help agent right away.

Would we recommend Betphoenix? Unless you specifically enjoy the comfort of having the website represent your country/language, there are much better options out there where you can enjoy a wider selection of casino games and have a better sports betting experience.


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