• Many accounts of users are not receiving money and fraudulent claims.

  • Seeing as sports is Topbet's forte, they put almost all their apples in this basket to make it as good as possible.

  • There are quite a few sign-up bonuses and referral programs to take advantage of.

  • There's nothing too special here, but everything is easy to find and navigate around.

  • For those crypto enthusiasts, Topbet really emphasizes using cryptocurrency for their cashier services. Apart from that, they have the standard options available as well.

Currencies Accepted

Bitcoin, USD

Minimum Deposit






Live Chat

We continued our mission to provide an unbiased review of all the online sportsbooks and casinos we can find and came across Topbet. Topbet is licensed in Curacao, which is not surprising as most gambling companies are registered off-shore, but they also accept U.S.-based bettors which is always a positive. According to a little bit of initial research, being licensed in Curacao is not cheap at all, and companies looking to set up shop there (as hypothetical as it may be) will need quite a bit of capital to stay afloat. This information might comfort users as it shows that they have the financial ability to operate properly. If you're looking for some solid odds and a sports betting focused website, Topbet may be the perfect option for you. They are pretty much required to have a great sports betting section as it is their main focus, but they do have quite a wide array of online casino games as well.
  • Available for U.S. bettors.
  • A good amount of bonuses to take advantage of.
  • Great sports betting odds.
  • A lot of customer dissatisfaction claims.
  • Although there's a lot of variety, their casino games could be much better.

Overview of Topbet


Those who are more focused on making sports bets would definitely feel comfortable on this website. You’ll find most of the same functions here as you’ll see on other betting sites, so those who have experience will not find the transition hard at all.

For those that are a bit newer, however, it is not hard to adapt to Topbet at all. The user interface is clean and easy to understand, and you can find everything you need quickly and easily.

Topbet has historically launched a few interesting promos, such as their $50K Survivor promo (which has expired as of September 14th, 2020). This shows that Topbet isn’t afraid to indulge their users in fun promotional activities that help stir up engagement.

They do have a hotline you can call for all customer support needs; however, they do not currently provide a live chat service. So if you have an urgent query, you’re either going to have to call them or wait for them to reply over email.

Things To Consider Before Signing Up

  • Claims of Fraudulent Activity: Although a lot of websites have allegations of them not paying out winnings to bettors, the complaints against Topbet seem a lot more consistent and frequent compared to other websites of the same stature.
  • Lack of 24/7 Live Chat: In modern-day online casinos, having a live chat is really important, as not everyone can call, and not every problem can wait for an email reply.

Topbet Broken Down: What’s It Got?

Sports Betting


As previously mentioned, having an optimal experience for sports betting on Topbet is paramount, as it is almost their sole focus. You can find almost any market you want, from all the most popular sports to the unique and strange ones like virtual simulators.

The odds are generally quite competitive with the standard that all sportsbooks maintain, so you won’t be betting on odds that are under or overvalued. It would be better for a smaller website like Topbet to boost their odds to attract more bettors. However, what they display does just fine.

They do provide live betting; however, it seems as if the selection of games they choose to have live bets on is very limited. After glancing at the live betting tab, it shows that there are no games that live when there is currently a lot of esports games and some smaller soccer games on.



The online casino on Topbet is a bit of an afterthought, and there doesn’t seem to have been a lot of effort put in to make sure that players flock to play on their selection of table games and slots.

You won’t find the latest and greatest slots from big companies like Netent, but you will find some solid table games and a few lower quality slots.

The online casino on Topbet is not recommended, and if you’re looking for a better casino, we can recommend a website like Bovada, Bet365, or even a newer one like Casumo.

Cashier Service

The cashier service at Topbet is worth mentioning solely due to the heavy emphasis they place on cryptocurrency. You can deposit money on Topbet with over 40 different coins, and the transaction is very quick and simple.

It is currently unspecified on their information page whether withdrawals are also available via cryptocurrency, but the fact that they are so invested in integrating cryptocurrency into their platform suggests that you may be able to.

As for the other deposit methods, you have the standard credit/debit card and a few other options like Quickcash, Pay2Card, and Swiftcheck.

Bonuses and Promotions

  • 150% Sign Up Bonus: Topbet doesn’t specify how much the limit is on this deposit, but they are definitely going above and beyond compared to other sportsbooks on this offer. Most websites offer 50-100% first deposit bonuses.
  • 100% Bonus on Bitcoin Deposit: Just as it says! Deposit with Bitcoin and receive a 100% bonus.
  • Refer-a-friend Bonus: Refer a friend and get a 25% bonus of up to $250 when they make a deposit.

What Are Others Saying About Topbet?

We did mention that there are quite a lot of fraudulent activity claims against Topbet, so it’s only fair we investigate and gather an unbiased, objective view of the sportsbook.


So both of these reviews are scathing, imploring people to stay away from this sportsbook and that you’re “donating your money to this company.” This is definitely worrisome as these two reviews are only the very surface. You can find many more reviews like this.

Frequently Asked Questions

To be able to deposit via credit card, you must deposit at least $50.

You can find a dedicated page that will answer that question more in-depth. However, the best way to send funds via cryptocurrency is through Coinbase.

There isn’t an official app. However, just by going onto your phone’s browser and logging in normally, you will see a well-optimized mobile website.

Topbet Review: Final Verdict

For those who are only interested in sports, Topbet can certainly be a great choice. They have decent odds and a good variety of sports that will keep you satisfied.

The fact that they enable cryptocurrency deposit options and heavily promote it is a promising sign for those who are enthusiastic about virtual currencies. It is also probably quicker to conclude transactions via cryptocurrency! Welcome to the future.

However, we cannot ignore the sea of scathing reports and reviews against the company. We have not come across one good review from customers, which is definitely a cause for concern.



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