• BetDSI does have a bunch of ratings and credits from companies most consumers have never heard of, but when it comes to user reviews, it's not looking the best.

  • You won't really find a huge array of sports or odds to bet on at BetDSI

  • They provide a standard welcome bonus and a little refer a friend promotion.

  • Unnecessarily complicated and very slow to respond.

  • There is a wide array of deposit options, but Bitcoin seems to be their preferred choice.

Currencies Accepted

Bitcoin, USD

Minimum Deposit





English, Spanish

Live Chat

BetDSI is a pretty small online casino in the sense that they haven't been promoted and marketed nearly as much as other heavyweights, but surprisingly they've been for a really long time. BetDSI is licensed in Costa Rica and has been around since 1998! According to the About Us page on their website, BetDSI has an SBR A+ rating for three years in a row. They’re OSGA approved and have a 99% approval rating on Bang The Book. All this basically means that they have accreditation from trusted sources. Luckily for U.S. customers, BetDSI is available for you! With the complicated status of online gambling in the U.S., it's always welcoming for residents there to hear that an online sportsbook operates there.
  • Heavy emphasis on Bitcoin transactions
  • Approved for the U.S. market
  • Live betting odds can be competitive
  • Horrible & complex user interface
  • Unknown how trustworthy this company really is

Overview of BetDSI

BetDSI Sportsbook Review 2023: Sports Odds & Online Casino

As is the case with more of the smaller online sportsbooks, BetDSI places a lot of focus on its sports betting section. Although it may seem like the bare minimum, it’s imperative that any company looking to operate online provides great odds and markets when it comes to sports betting.

For that reason, BetDSI is definitely catered more to those who are enthusiastic sports bettors and less to those who enjoy playing the newest and best slots of casino games.

This can be unfortunate for a large portion of bettors. However, it can be much more beneficial for a company to focus on one thing and be good at it instead of having a diverse selection of services and being bad at all of them.

Things To Consider Before Signing Up

  • Issues of Trust: As previously mentioned, there are quite a few claims across the Internet that BetDSI is a “scam.” A quick look across Reddit and review aggregation websites can provide you with a bunch of disgruntled customers. Are their claims legitimate? To be unbiased, we must definitely assume that they are. However, it is also important to understand that every casino has similar claims.
  • Lackluster Customer Service: If you go on the “Contact Us” page on BetDSI’s website, you will be welcomed with… A cheesy image and an email address. No live chat, no hotline to call, nothing. So if you have a desperate issue or a problem that needs to be resolved quickly, you are completely at their mercy.

BetDSI Broken Down: What’s It Got?

Sports Betting

BetDSI Sportsbook Review 2023: Sports Odds & Online Casino

Online betting is pretty much almost 80% of what BetDSI offers to its customers. The good thing about BetDSI is that their live betting odds are quite good. It’s pretty easy to find what you’re looking for an equally as easy actually to bet on it.

The problem that persists on BetDSI is that you can find that each category has a drop-down menu with two different options when you log in. If you want to bet on live sports, you need to choose between “Ultra Live” and “Prime Live”. What’s the difference? You may ask. It’s unspecified. BetDSI doesn’t actually tell you what the difference is between the two but still provides the option.

Not only that, but the worst part about the online sports betting section is that it’s not guaranteed to load. The loading time of the webpage is extremely slow and actually sometimes doesn’t load at all. Perhaps it’s a personal browser issue, but it doesn’t bode well.

Casino Games

BetDSI Sportsbook Review 2023: Sports Odds & Online Casino

Like the sports section, the casino tab has three sections. You’re met with the “Rebate Casino”, “DGS Casino”, and “Mini Games”. The difference between the two casinos is that they provide different versions of the same games.

The “Mini Games” section provides you with some sort of very poorly designed sports games where you bet on a virtual event’s outcome. It’s pretty bad.

We would definitely not recommend the casino games that BetDSI provides you with. There are much better options out there if your main interest is in casino games.

Horse Racing

BetDSI Sportsbook Review 2023: Sports Odds & Online Casino

It’s always nice to see a sportsbook hang onto the traditional tenets of sports gambling. Seeing a site have a dedicated horse betting page really turns back the hands of the clock.

It’s very easy to understand what’s going on on this tab, and unlike the sports tab, there aren’t multiple dropdowns that confuse the consumer.

Unfortunately, the trend of slow loading webpages continues here, and it may take a few refreshes for the content to even show up.

Bonuses and Promotions

  • Rewards Program: You can earn points on the website and rise up the levels from Gold to Diamond. Each level gives you bigger and better benefits.
  • Welcome Bonus: You’ll receive a 100% deposit bonus; however, there is a caveat. The 100% is split in half, 50% goes to the sportsbook, and 50% goes to the casino. So if you deposit $100, you’ll get $200 total with an extra $50 in the sports section and $50 in the casino section.
  • Refer a Friend: If you refer a friend, you can earn 20% of your friend’s initial deposit. This can be pretty lucrative if you have a lot of friends who are interested in!

What Are Others Saying About BetDSI?

This part of our BetDSI review will be taking an unbiased look at the discourse found on the Internet regarding this site. In order to be transparent, we find it is necessary that we display even the most scathing reviews.

BetDSI Sportsbook Review 2023: Sports Odds & Online Casino

In this post, you can see how displeased this user is with BetDSI and claiming that they are fraudulent. The common consensus on this post is of agreement.

BetDSI Sportsbook Review 2023: Sports Odds & Online Casino

However, in this picture, the post in question is asking if BetDSI is a solid choice for a new bettor. Generally, people are relatively more supportive and gave actual constructive feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions

The minimum deposit amount is $50; however, the maximum depends on the method of deposit.

Online, you can wager a minimum of $5. Over the phone, the minimum is $100. As for the maximum, it is $20,000 both online and over the phone.

This is important, as BetDSI is actually unable to return funds to your credit card. If you’ve deposited through any other method, you can expect your winnings to be processed from 9 A.M. through 5 P.M. ET every day Monday to Friday.

BetDSI Review: Final Verdict

To conclude very concisely: BetDSI will never be our first choice, nor something we would recommend. You can find everything BetDSI offers and more at other sites like Bovada or Betonline.

Yes, they can provide competitive odds depending on the sport, and the time you bet on it, however, the value that BetDSI may provide on their odds is overshadowed by their slow-loading webpages and confusing interface.

Unfortunately, this is not a website we can currently recommend, however through certain improvements in the future perhaps we can alter our opinion.



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