The Future Of MA Sports Betting

The future of Massachusetts sports betting depends on a few key issues this year. In order to legalize it, Senate President Karen Spilka says there needs be bandwidth for the bill in question and that if they have time then sure enough you can bet your favorite team at one of those shady offshore sites where scammers run rampant with their crooked deals – but not without setting yourself up for some serious loss financially first so better think twice before going all-in!

There’s still plenty of time to get that list done and more if legalizing betting is important to the Senate. The formal legislative session ends Nov 17 but an informal one can run through January 4 2022.

The longer you wait, though it might be tempting, don’t fill out any further responses for this questionnaire!

No need for MA sports betting revenue? Spilka also said something surprising about the topic of money and how it’s not certain that there’s a need to even more. Government rarely turns down cash, especially when coming from an illegal or legal activity in other nearby states- so why would they reject new tax funds specifically designed with your specific needs as governor on mind (i.e., filling budget gaps)?

Governor Malloy is waiting for the House to act

Spilka’s comments likely went over like a lead balloon in other areas of state government. The last two years have seen action from MA’s representatives, with their most recent proposal passing by an overwhelming 154-1 margin just this summer—and it included legal betting as well! That was also true back when they passed an economic development bill which legalized sports gambling at horse tracks and fantasy leagues among other things before being rejected by Senate leadership without any priority given towards gaming legislation…

The Massachusetts Legislature has no plans to rein in their license-free sports betting option. All of the neighboring states are delighted that tax revenue will likely go towards legal gambling options, which currently include DraftKings Sportsbook in New Hampshire and Caesars/IGT run bookies at Rhode Island’s casino resort enclave Foxwoods Resort Casino & Betdigital Online Blackjack site operated by Mohegan Digital LLC . Retail Connecticut casinos have also launched with online sales allowed beginning this Thursday.

The New York market is the perfect testing ground for mobile sportsbooks. It’s likely that these will not launch until early 2022, but if they’re live before Massachusetts even has a vote on whether to allow them in 2019 then who knows?

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