Wyoming Sports Betting: the Legal Whatnot

Wyoming Sports Betting was legalized in September 2021.

Well, that was not until recently. In February this year, the HB 0225, sponsored by Representative Tom Waters and Senator Ogden Driskill, was presented before the House. It happens to be the first and only Wyoming sports betting bill. If passed, it would have legalized online sports betting. It, however, failed on the floor of the House, on a 32-27 vote.

However, critics seem to think that this could lay the foundation for the not so far legalization of sports betting in Wyoming. It will be not only wise but also profitable for the state to take advantage of online betting or even online sportsbooks as it would generate a ton for them in tax like the state lottery already does.

Online Sports Betting in Wyoming

Wyoming remains one of the states in the United States that is yet to have legal sports betting. Any activity that involves risking property for gain based on the luck or the outcome of an event is considered online gambling and consequently deemed illegal.

As of now, the state can hardly boast of a Wyoming sports betting legislation of any sort, legal online sportsbooks, or online betting in Wyoming. It has no professional team or state-regulated gambling commission. In recent times, however, there has been a call to form a state gaming commission. While it is not certain that the recent clamor for a gaming commission will yield results, we seem to think it is a step in the right direction.

Though the state prohibits gambling, it also leaves an avenue for other legitimate sources of subtle betting. Wyoming has four (4) tribal casinos: Wind River Casino, Little Wind, Shoshone Rose Casino, and 789 Casino. Though most of these tribal casinos are owned and operated by the Northern Arapaho tribe’s indigenes, they are open to all. Residents may also bet with offshore sportsbooks, Daily Fantasy Sports, and try out the Advance Deposit Wagering option.

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How Online Sports Betting works in Wyoming

Wyoming Sports Betting Launch

At the moment, there is nothing like Wyoming sports betting. Betting on sports in the state is still deemed illegal. There has also been no significant effort towards legalizing regulated sports betting until February this year. A sports betting proposal, HB 0225, was presented before the House by Representative Tom Waters and Senator Ogden Driskill. It, however, failed in the House on a 32-27 vote. With this pace and insignificant strides the state seems to be taking, one cannot state categorically when or if there will ever be a Wyoming sports gambling launch.

How to Bet On Sports

The state of Wyoming has no law that prohibits betting on Daily Fantasy Sports. This means that residents can wager on DFS games with fantasy sports sportsbooks such as FanDuel and DraftKings. Horse race betting is deemed as regulated sports betting. The state boasts three (3) tracks that offer live racing and twelve (12) off-track betting facilities throughout the state. The three (3) tracks offering live racing entertainment are: · Wyoming Downs Racetrack, located in Evanston, operated by Wyoming Downs · Sweetwater Events, situated in Rocksprings, owned by Wyoming Horse Racing · Energy Downs in Gillette, operated by Wyoming Horse Racing Residents of the state can place bets on these live horse races, or they could opt for Advance Deposit Wagering options. This allows mobile betting on horse races from the comfort of your devices. Betting on Daily Fantasy Sports is not difficult. You have to predict the performance of players based on a salary cap given to you. To bet, you have to select a particular sport and a match fixture. After that, the DFS site gives you a salary cap, of which you are to draw up a table of players you predict will fall under the salary cap. Once all that is done, you enter your wager and watch how the game develops. If your preferred players perform well, you win. If they don’t, you lose. Wagering on Horse races, on the other hand, is a lot simpler. First, you need to select a bet type; that is, whether you will be betting on the placing of each horse, the winner of a certain round, or the winner of a tournament. Next, you proceed to place your wager and see how the game unfolds. Note that the people of state Wyoming can technically patronize offshore sportsbooks. Though there is no law expressly prohibiting this act, bettors should understand that whatever services they contract with offshore sportsbooks will be at their detriments. Patronizing these offshore accounts offer bettors little or no consumer protection.

What Can You Bet On Right Now in Wyoming?

As already stated, legal sports betting in Wyoming is not a thing for now. Till the state makes room for legal sports betting, it is deemed illegal. There are, however, other online gambling entertainment options available to residents based on technicalities, like:

  • Daily Fantasy Sports:

no state law outlaws DFS in Wyoming, so it’s legal to bet on it.

  • Horse Races:

betting on horse races is legal in Wyoming.

Wyoming Sports Betting FAQ

No. at the moment, Wyoming sports betting is not legal. You can, however, bet on Daily Fantasy Sports and Horse Racing.

We cannot say at the moment if sports betting will be legal in Wyoming anytime soon. Be rest assured that once Wyoming sports gambling is legalized, residents will be allowed to place bets.

Most laws specify age 18 as the legal age. So you will most likely not be allowed to bet on sports in Wyoming if you’re not 18 years old.

Residents can carry out online sports betting in Wyoming, but only when it comes to horse racing or Daily Fantasy Sport.

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