Maryland Sports Betting 2023: Everything You Need To Know

Maryland has had an eventful past when it comes to its relationship with sports betting. There have been many attempts in the region to legalize and regulate sports betting, seeing as every single surrounding state has done so. Therefore, there has been added scrutiny on the region.

Fortunately, as of November 4, 2020, Maryland residents have voted to legalize sports betting and use the generated revenue to fund public education. This is great for all parties involved if indeed they live up to the promise. You get gamblers getting their dreams come true, and an improved education system! Win-win.

So, with this good news, let’s get down to all the details for betting in Maryland.

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How Online Sports Betting Works in Maryland

Will Maryland Sports Betting Ever Launch?

Lucky for you, Maryland residents, sports betting could come about as soon as 2021! Typically these legislative bills and laws take a really long time to take effect, but there are predictions that it could launch really, really soon. When that does happen, you can jump on and sign up for any of the listed sportsbooks above.

We can thank the recent referendum where residents agreed to legalize sports betting with the stipulation that all revenues will be reinvested into public education. This is a great tradeoff to legalize something that’s so controversial in America.

How To Bet On Sports

Betting on sports is something all players will need to learn to do eventually. Thankfully it’s really easy. It’s important that you choose a sportsbook that you feel comfortable on that also (preferably) has a nice welcome bonus attached to it.

  • Create an account at any of the sportsbooks above or any of your choice.
  • Make sure all verification processes have been completed to fully unlock your account
  • Make your first deposit with a bonus code
  • Browse the sports you want to bet on
  • Check the odds to see if the bet is valuable
  • Enter the amount you want to stake
  • Place the bet and hope you win!

Which Maryland Casinos Have Sportsbooks?

Currently, no Maryland casinos have official sportsbooks as it’s not actually legal in the state yet. Once lawmakers actually pass the necessary legislation to legalize sports betting, you can expect the biggest casinos to open up sports service very quickly. Keep an eye on the following casinos to see when they open:

  • Live! Casino & Hotel
  • Horseshoe Casino Baltimore
  • Hollywood Casino Perryville

What Can You Bet On Right Now in Maryland?

Maryland is located in a unique area on the East Coast, where the surrounding area is rich with a sports pedigree. You can see residents in the area support great teams in Baltimore, Washington, or Philadelphia. Not only that, but there are a bunch of college teams in all sports. Here are the sports you can expect to bet on when you can engage in legal sports betting:

  • American Football
  • Australian Rules
  • Baseball
  • vBasketball
  • Boxing
  • Cricket
  • Cycling
  • Darts
  • Esports
  • Futsal
  • Golf
  • Greyhounds
  • Horse Racing
  • vIce Hockey
  • Motor Sports
  • Politics
  • Rugby Union
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Virtual Sports
  • Volleyball
  • UFC

What Bets Are Available at Maryland Sportsbooks?

  • Moneyline:

Moneyline bets are the basic foundation of sports betting. This is basically betting on which team you think will win! If you bet on Baltimore Orioles moneyline (ML), you’re just predicting that they will win.

  • Over/Under:

Over/Under bets are more appropriate for when you can’t accurately predict which team will win. If there’s a close game between the Baltimore Ravens and Kansas City Chiefs, for example, and you have no idea who will win, you can bet on over/under, which is basically predicting the total score between the two teams.

  • Point Spread:

When a game’s moneyline odds are too bad to bet on, typically bettors will opt for the point spread option as it’s usually closer to a 50/50. Let’s take the Ravens and Chiefs example again. Let’s say the moneyline odds for Ravens to win is 2/17 – that would be horrible to bet on. However, they might have a point spread of +-10.5 that would look more like 10/11. If you bet Ravens -10.5, that means you expect them to win by 11 points or more.

  • Futures:

Futures bets are for the more patient bettors. These bets including teams to win championships, players to win tournaments, etc.
And many more!

Taking Advantage of Bonuses and Rewards

  • Welcome Bonus:

Every sportsbook should have a basic welcome bonus. These can range from 50% to 200% and are often called first deposit bonuses as well. They are great for new bettors to start a bankroll.

  • Reload Bonus:

A reload bonus is typically applied to second and third deposits. These are typically less valuable than first deposits and can look something like 25% up to $100.

  • Free Bets:

Free bets are usually the holy grail for bettors, as they are just no-strings-attached free bets for bettors to bet on whatever they want.


It will be very, very soon! residents recently voted in a referendum to legalize sports betting, so expect to be able to start placing bets as soon as 2021.

Maryland follows federal laws when it comes to gambling, so you will have to be 21+ in order to play.

Currently, no. Although there are loopholes to start betting right now, it’s best to wait for a little if you’re a Maryland resident.

Currently, Maryland residents cannot bet, but once sports betting is approved, yes, you will have to live there.

Once it’s approved, mobile sports betting would fall under the umbrella of regular sports betting.

Final Word

It can be tough waiting for the laws to pass to allow betting, but legalizing sports betting in Maryland will be great for residents there, especially if revenues do go to public education. Gamblers can make money, and the state can improve its public infrastructure.

We advise you to be patient and mark the days on your calendar. Once it’s legal, sign up to the sportsbooks above and start depositing freely and legally!

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