Kansas Sports Betting 2023

No state law restricts sports betting in Kansas. That doesn’t imply it’s legal; it shows a lack of regulation. The state did make attempts to pass the Kansas sports betting bill earlier in 2020. This couldn’t fall through due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Such advances bring high hopes for Kansas betting legislation to come into being. There are still many amendments to make on the Kansas sports betting bill as Gov. Laura Kelly didn’t sign it. When the bill gets signed into law, Kansas is bound to have mobile sport betting towards the end of 2021.

This is a win-win situation as bettors get to stake on winnings and Kansas gets revenue on taxes imposed. At this moment, Kansas residents can play on offshore sportsbooks. This owes to the fact that there are no Legal Kansas sportsbooks within Kansas yet.

Online Sports Betting in Kansas

Kansas doesn’t own sportsbooks, online betting apps, sport betting apps talk less of being regulated by Kansas sports betting laws. No regulations are in existence yet at the moment. However, there’s support for betting on horse races legally in Kansas, majorly online with apps like TVG and Twin Spires. Kansas also offers other regulated sport betting options such as college basketball, boxing, and others its residents can wager with.

In Kansas, Daily Fantasy sports are recognized since 2015 when Gov. Sam Brownback signed the fantasy sports bill into law. So there’s no question of their legality within Kansas. Most of this betting, whether DFS, NFL, NBA, or horse-racing, is done on an offshore account. Now, placing bets on some offshore sportsbooks is deemed risky, especially if they are unlicensed. Such sportsbooks can take the money invested, close up, and cart away your income.

On the other hand, some major sportsbooks that allow US citizens and are licensed give one the ability to place wagers with top bonuses. Players below the minimum age limit of 18 years are not permitted to take up bets on such sportsbooks. This sportsbook has web and mobile-optimized apps Kansas residents can access and bet on.

Here is a list of betting site that offers the best DFS and horse racing experience:




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How Online Sports Betting Works in Kansas

How to Bet on Sports?

Betting on sports is one intuitive way to earn quick cash. Sports betting has been around for way too long, and recently some states in the US are coming to legalize it. While many people invest to gain cash, others may find it fun and recreational. Unfortunately, not everybody interested in sports betting has the right knowledge on “How to play.”

Look here:

1. The first step to sports betting starts with choosing a reliable Sportsbook. That could be Daft kings, Bet online, Fan Duel, or Bovada; the choice is yours.

2. Once you have made a selection, open an account instantly. You did have to supply some personal details like full name, Date of Birth (to verify over 18), Address, phone no and email.

3. Make an instant deposit. Sometimes you get offers or bonuses on initial sign-up.

4. Select a specific sport you wish to wager on. Once selected, you get to see wagering information on that specific sport you selected and get a betting slip.

5. Depending on the sport you choose to play, you may select your players, build your match, and place the specified wagering amount.

6. Then sit back and watch your gameplay. You get a winning when your selected player performs well.

What Can You Bet on Right Now in Kansas?

The current Kansas sports betting status comes with a bill yet to be signed into law but holds high hopes and expectations for Kansas residents. The bill is somewhat similar to other US states that have regulated sports betting. Although there is no legal hold for sport betting in Kansas, one can still bet on the following using offshore sportsbooks:

1. Daft Fantasy: There are no legal issues with betting on Daft fantasy sports. It’s officially allowed in Kansas city and can be played on sites like Daft King, Fantasy Daft.

2. Horse Racing: Although there is no horse racing in Kansas since 2008, it’s still legal to bet on horse racing. The Kansas Expanded lottery Act of 2007 permitted racetracks to offer slot machines at a 40% tax rate. You can access horse racing betting on sportsbooks like TVG, Bovada.

Kansas Sports Betting Laws

A big question comes in this form: Does Kansas allow sports betting? There are no local sport betting platforms in Kansas; neither are there any online sport betting platforms. Hence there are no Kansas sports betting laws in its legislature yet. However, some major bills have been passed to that effect.

There are four pieces of difference in review, which are quite similar with some points but not without the bone of contention. Some of these include tax rates and integrity fees. The hesitation from Gov. Kelly is based on a view to creating more revenue opportunities from iLottery.

The coronavirus pandemic also laid a pause on further hearings about the bill as of March 13, 2020. On a side, there’s the hope of the bill being approved since major US states have entertained the development in sports betting.

Kansas Sports Betting FAQ

As it stands, there are NO legal sport betting options you can try out in Kansas. It’s certainly going to be available in the nearest future when the bill is approved. Now, Kansans can capitalize on offshore online betting sites that accept US citizens.

Since the bill for sports betting isn’t approved, there are no mobile sports betting sportsbooks in Kansas yet> Therefore, no specific time is set for Kansas residents to start placing bets.

You don’t have to live in Kansas to bet online as residents can wager with licensed sportsbooks offshore.

That strictly depends on whether the Kansas sports betting bill will be approved. Once the bill is approved, there’s bound to be the establishment of mobile sport betting outlets from which Kansans can wager on their platform.

Strictly NO! All forms of betting, be it retail, online or mobile, are not permitted in Kansas currently.

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