Alaska Sports Betting Review 2023

Tourists and residents alike love Alaska for its natural beauty and fun avenues. However, there are no legal sports betting options in Alaska. Lovers and players of sports and gambling may find it disappointing that Alaska sports betting is not legal.

The closest thing you can find to any form of gambling in this conservative state is fantasy sports, bingo, or dogsledding. You have access to the latter two when charity organizations organize it. Many people think that the lack of a professional sports team in Alaska is one reason Alaska sports betting has not been regulated.

If you want to engage in sports betting in Alaska, you might have to drive to the closest state with legal sport betting laws, which is Washington. You can also resort to offshore sports betting. Note that this means of betting is a grey area, and it has its risks.

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How Online Sports Betting Works in Alaska

How to Bet on Sports?

Do you want to win some real money with sports betting? In Alaska, you have the choice of betting on fantasy sports, bingo, or dogsledding. You can also go the route of offshore betting. As newbie players, you could make mistakes if you don’t learn how to bet on sports first.

The first thing you need to know to bet on sports is to choose the right sportsbook. Some several low-quality sites and scams will steal your money. Therefore, you might want to choose from high quality, reputable sportsbook provided.

Once you haven’t created an account with the sportsbook, you go on the site and choose the desired sport. There are usually different choices. Pick a game that you know and understand. You would see the different bet options for that game. Choose your wager wisely.

It would be best if you got a bet slip to authenticate your bet. Confirm your bet, and the sportsbook will place your bet. After you have placed the bet, you should see the record on your dashboard. It is also good practice to keep personal records of every bet placed, especially with offshore betting.

After you have had a consecutive winning streak and piled up your money, the next thing is to withdraw. You can make use of Neteller or any other supported payment method on the platform.

What Can You Bet on Right Now in Alaska?

Alaska does not regulate sports betting. There are no land-based casinos in this state. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have some betting action. The betting games permitted in Alaska are:

  • Fantasy Sports:

According to the US 2006 Unlawful Internet Gambling Act, fantasy sports counts as a game of skill and not chance. This ruling makes it possible for you to enjoy a variety of fantasy sports anywhere in the United States. You can find the game you love in fantasy sports and play for fun or bet to win real money.

  • Bingo:

Bingo is a legal game in Alaska. You can only bet on the game when a charity organization organizes it, though.

  • Dog Sledding:

Dogsledding is the official AK sport. However, you can only bet on it when organized for charity.

For now, sports wagering is illegal in Alaska, and it doesn’t look like it would change soon. Reason — Alaskans frown at gambling. The culture is probably one of the reasons there are no favorable gambling laws. However, you can still gamble at your risk with sports betting sites.

Alaska Sports Betting Laws

No Alaska sports betting law has been passed. In 2018, the US Supreme Court ruled in favor of allowing states to regulate their sports betting industries. This ruling changed the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act.

You should note that this SCOTUS ruling does not make sports betting legal in Alaska, though. Each state has the power to decide on the matter of legalizing betting. However, there is no Alaska Sports betting bill yet.

While there have been some soft push for gambling enablement, no headway has been made from these attempts. In 1987, Von Gnatensky “Mafia Mike” promised to bring casinos to the region in the Anchorage Mayoral race. He didn’t get enough votes at the general election, though.

In 1990, Alaskans voted down the referendum held on legalizing gambling by a two to one margin. In 1993, construction for a tribal casino began in Klawok, but new government laws concerning casino games impeded its progress. In 2008, Alaskans again voted no to legalized sports betting.

History indicates that Alaskans don’t want sports betting in Alaska.  The culture of the people seems to repel it. There is no state lottery in this Frontier state.

The direction of the state government on sports gambling remains unclear. However, it is not a matter that has been ignored. In the past, Alaska had changed its ruling on other types of gambling. Therefore, there is hope that Alaskans may soon welcome sports betting.

Alaska Sports Betting FAQs

No, sports betting in Alaska is not legal. There has been no law passed to allow sports betting in the state. However, residents can gamble on fantasy sports, bingo, and dogsledding.

When Can Alaska Residents Start Placing Bets?

At this time, we don’t know when Alaska Residents can start placing bets. However, there are hopes that the Frontier state will legalize sports betting in the nearest future.

Alaska does not support any form of sports betting. However, Alaskans can engage in offshore mobile sports betting at their risks. Several sports betting sites allow you to place bets online in Alaska.

There are no professional sports teams in Alaska, and it is illegal to bet on sports in the state. However, fans in Alaska can still root for other National Football League teams and place bets on them.

No. Each state in the United States has its laws for online betting. Ensure you check if online bets are permitted in your state before you proceed.

Do you want to place some bets in an offshore sportsbook? Check out the platforms that we selected for you!

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