Ohio Sports Betting Bill Is Getting Back To Conference Committee

Ohio sports betting is back in the legislative mindset after Ohio’s Senate called for a conference committee to settle differences. Although it’s unclear what those differences are at this point, one thing is certain: The House has not offered its own proposal yet – as they were too busy crafting legislation with suggestions from senators who had crafted their original vehicle (SB 176) into an amended version that would allow organized gambling across all forms of game entertainment including football lines and horse races; however due only two weeks ago did you hear about how Governor Kasich signed off on legalizing these activities?

The Ohio Senate has finally taken a step in the right direction, passing legislation that will allow bettors to legally place wagers on sports. The House refused this year’s proposed amendments by Michigan lawmakers earlier last month but thankfully there’s still time for them if they want it bad enough!

As we head into the fall, Ohio sports betting is a hot topic once again. This time it’s not so much because of what happened in June but rather due to other huge stories like they dealt with last week and this coming summer break that has given them two months off from talking about anything related directly or indirectly involving gambling-related material (for example: discussion around whether legalization will even pass).

The proposed Senate bill has 25 online licenses, but there could be more skins than that. Professional sports teams and leagues can only launch one skin in this scheme; however other types of operators such as casinos will have two or even four available depending on population limitations around the retail license area which left four out if they do not receive any preference when it comes to licensee status (SB176).

Ohio will continue to delay implementing a sports betting bill until April 1, 2022.

The four border states that stand to benefit from the lack of urgency in Ohio’s legislature are Indiana, Michigan Pennsylvania and West Virginia who all have been granted tax revenue by bettors looking for an opportunity this season or next year’s March Madness basketball tournament before it officially goes into effect on those dates as well with no action being taken since last November when Governor Kasich signed legislation allowing casinos across his state provide such services but only if they meet specific criteria including proximity restrictions against other forms gambling like horse racing which wasn’t allowed under federal law prior because horses aren’t animals capable of running races – just stating facts here unfortunately not trying.

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