Louisiana’s Sports Betting Launch Was Delayed

Louisiana’s Hurricane Ida delayed the launch of sports betting by about two weeks, according to Louisiana Gaming Control Board Chairman Ronnie Johns.

Johns previously said that Oct 1 was their goal; however with this latest setback they are moving quickly and getting licenses approved as soon as possible in order for it be ready before peak season begins – which starts tomorrow (10/6). The State Police’ Gaming Enforcement Division has 13 applications pending approval so far after finalizing regulations on September 16th from when we last spoke about what could happen should there ever need arise during these next few days leading up until launches officially commence following Mother Nature taking charge once more later tonight ahead off coming storm conferring concerns over how severe any potentialities may turn out being thanks largely.

Louisiana is making progress in its push for sports betting. The state police officers who were working on the licensing process have since been replaced, and new ones will be sent out next week according to a recent KTAL report . Louisiana Casino Association Executive Director Wade Duty told us he expects these licenses mid-October!

Retail Louisiana sportsbooks coming first, and then expanding into online betting.

Louisiana passed legislation earlier this year to allow 20 licenses for casinos in the state; 13 applicants have finished their applications already! The local government will be rolling these out one at a time rather than all at once because they need to make sure it goes smoothly without any errors or mistakes – so keep an eye open when you hear more from them about how your favorite team can finally join Sportstown USA as soon as possible!

Mobile is coming later. Each of the 20 licenses can have up to two online sports betting skins, but it will be a while before you see any mobile apps released in Louisiana due to waiting on certain approvals from state authorities and other logistics surrounding this new industry’s growth across US soil for all types gambling enthusiasts looking forward!

Louisiana will soon be home to legal sports betting with the launch of a lottery app and kiosks. The Louisiana Lottery has partnered up in order to provide food service providers access, which could start as early as January 2022!


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