Launching DraftKings And BbetMGM in Online Sports Betting in Wyoming

The Wyoming Gaming Commission approved DraftKings Sportsbook and BetMGM for online sports betting licenses at a special meeting on Wednesday, September 1st. The two companies quickly followed suit less than two hours later with the launch of their respective sites in state number 13 (Draft Kings)and 14(BetMGM).

As the world’s biggest sportsbook, Betfair has an extensive catalog that includes all types of events to bet on. They also offer other popular hobbies like esports and Nathan’s Famous International Hot Dog Eating Contest for those looking beyond just football or basketball!

Wyoming is attracting sportsbook operators at a rapid pace. In early October, the WGC sent out letters to five other companies who want licenses for betting on football and basketball games in Wyoming. Along with BetMGM (Betman Gaming) and DraftKings, FanDuel also submitted their applications while Barstool Sportsbook committed themselves as well according to sources close .

SuperBook USA attended stakeholder meetings held this year but did not commit any expansion plans just yet; PointsBet mentioned how they may consider expanding into the licensing space if there was demand from consumers or licensed gaming operators looking outside of Nevada/New Jersey.

The Wyoming House of Representatives initially voted against HB 133, which legalized mobile sports betting in March. A day later they reconsidered and passed it – less than a month later the Senate also approved 24-5! This is huge news for gamblers because now we can get our bets on from anywhere at any time with an smartphone or tablet. Finally WGC Executive Director Charles Moore agreed to take up their challenge that if all 50 states pass legalizations then September will be “a great date” as launch period begins.

The WGC has taken a big step forward this summer with the passing of legislation in June, and now they are finalizing rules for mobile sports betting. A little more than one month later after signing into law by governor Gary R. Herbert on May 23rd,2018; The commission had its fourth draft which was approved-and then finally released their finalized version that will be used across all 50 states just last week while also allowing some time before commenting begins so interested parties can apply!


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