How to Bet on Tennis: Betting Made Simple

Betting blindly can be harmful both to your fun and pocket.  It becomes a lot more fun when you have a tennis betting guide like this one.

After hours upon hours of watching ATP and WTA tours, studying and scoring the markets, betting on ITF games and recording my experience, I’m in the best position to guide you through the secrets of tennis betting. Why do I want to help you? Because I’ve lost so much in tennis betting in the past, and I learnt the hacks the hard way. Well, good news is you don’t have to go the hard way.

This guide will take you through a list of profitable betting sites, a few game hacks and tennis tipster tricks.

Let’s do this.

Best Tennis Betting Sites

Here is a list of credible tennis bookmakers you can trust while placing your bets on tennis matches:

Bovada happens to be one of the United States’ most visited gambling sites. With an amazing welcome bonus, up-to-date sportsbook, live betting options and props, this bookmarker is irresistible. Bovada comes with an inviting bonus of 50% extra money on user’s first deposit up to $250 to place bet on tennis and other sports.

With a plethora of bookmakers of the year, award winnings bet365 is remarkably one of the world’s best betting sites. It provides up to C$100 in Bet Credits for new tennis bettors.  

Bet365’s betting odds, especially its tennis betting odds US open have proven to be reliable.

Betway stands as one of the most credible bookmakers in sports betting history.

The site offers welcome betting bonuses to new players; bonuses which can be used to play in different markets. Betway prides itself in providing higher odds for tennis betting enthusiasts.

Betting on Tennis: Full Guide

Helpful Stats & Facts

Betting is easier when you know the facts about the sports you’re betting on. Here is a list of helpful stats and facts about tennis betting:

  • Betting on a tournament is a lot more profitable than set bettingRegister accounts with various tennis bookmarkers to allow for a greater range of odds to select from.
  • Bet only when there is value.
  • Before backing a player, assess the environment, play surface and how well they have performed on such surface in time past.
  • Handicap betting might seem profitable, but could sometimes result in a loss – be careful.

The Most Popular Types of Tennis Bets

Betting on tennis can prove very difficult if you don’t have knowledge of popular tennis bet types.

Want to know how to bet in tennis and win? Check out these popular betting types and how promising each type can be:

Moneyline: this is the most popular betting type. When you wager on the moneyline, it simply means you are betting on a particular player to either win a set, number of sets, or the tournament. So if for example, in a grand slam match against Serena Williams, the tennis betting odds US Open for Victoria Azarenka happens to be -110 and you were playing on the moneyline, you’d have to pay $110 to win $100 on an Azarenka victory.

Game or Set Spread: this is betting on the number of games or set a player wins. If in a 3-set Australian Open match between Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer, with Novak being the favorite and Roger the underdog, you decide to bet on Roger. You will win if Roger wins at least a set. If however you were to place a bet on Novak, you are simply betting that he will win in straight sets.

Over/Under: this is notably the best way to bet on tennis matches. Here, you place a bet on the total number of games to be played in a match. For example, if in a 3-set French open match between Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal, the odds are set 23.5. If you bet the over, it means you need the match to last for at least 24 games for you to win. If however you bet on the under, you need the match to last for not more than 23 games.

Tennis Betting Strategy

Now that you have a list of betting types to choose from, I’ll be sharing with you another secret of tennis betting: Strategy. Here are two of my favorite live betting strategies:

Wagering on the favorite: as you should have noticed, I love going for non-complex betting types. Here, all you have to do is find a clear favorite and an underdog with the odds of the favorite placed at about 1.45-1.65. Place your bet and wait for the final results of the match.

Is it better to bet under or over?

Over/Under wager: This strategy requires knowledge of serving and returning. Here, you are placing a bet on the total games to be played in a match or a straight set. To win, you need to have carried out an in-depth research on both players and the strength of their service and returns. Betting on tennis games with players who have strong service like Roger Federer means there are likely to be more games. Bet on the “over” and take home your profit.

Top Tips for Tennis Betting

To win online bets, you need to have an in-depth understanding of what you are doing. Strategies will fail if you don’t understand the game itself. Again, here are few tips on how to bet on tennis and win:

a)Study the form of every player before betting on them or their match. Find out if the bookmakers’ favorite or underdog has had any recent injuries or surgeries capable of impairing their output during the game.

b)When two players scheduled to go head-to-head have played each other in the past, take time to study any past rivalry match they have had before you bet.

c)Never underrate the bookmaker’s underdog and don’t always bet on favorites.

d)Always bet with your head and never with your heart especially when it comes to major tournaments.

Can you bet on yourself to win?

Players sometimes wager on themselves to win their matches. This is however not permitted in certain countries. In the US for example, sport authorities have outlawed players betting on themselves, but they are permitted to bet on other players.


Sports betting can serve entertainment purposes as long as you know what you’re doing. Thank you for taking time to read my tennis betting guide. I believe by now, you are equipped with enough knowledge on how to bet on tennis and win.

Remember to only bet when there is value. I wish you lots of luck in your betting experience.

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