How To Bet On NFL Games Online And Win

The NFL is one of the world’s most popular sports. Betting on it can be fun – but it’s always so much more fun when you win.

Because I like to see other people win (and because I hate the bookies), it’s my aim with this article to teach you how to bet on NFL games online using a strategy that I personally use. By the end of the article, you will know more about what sites to use and how to place winning bets.

I’ll be taking a look at a few of the best NFL betting sportsbooks, and I’ll also be sharing with you NFL betting strategies and tips that will help you level up your game.

Ready? Let’s make a start.

Best NFL Betting Sites

It’s no secret that Bovada is one of the U.S.’s top sports betting sites. When it comes to betting on the NFL, Bovada offers a huge array of lines, including niche props, and it can’t be beaten when it comes to live betting. Withdrawals are fast, the site is safe, secure, and trustworthy, and customer support is available 24/7.

At the moment, there is a 50% welcome bonus on the table worth up to $250 for new players.

Another highly reputable U.S. sportsbook, MyBookie, is one of the best when it comes to NFL promos and specials. Right now, there’s a $150,000 Super Contest up for grabs, and it takes place throughout the whole NFL 2020/21 season. Live streaming is available, and customer support is available 24/7. 

If you join today, you can grab a 100% welcome bonus worth up to $300.

Moneyline, teaser, and parlay bets are available on all NFL games throughout the season at BetAmerica, another top pick when it comes to NFL football betting. Available to U.S. players, BetAmerica also lets you play NFL fantasy sports, and it has an overall very good reputation for live betting and bonuses. 

As of the time of writing, there is a 100% match deposit welcome bonus available to new players.

Betting On NFL: Full Guide 

Helpful Stats & Facts For Betting On NFL

  • Most recreational NFL bettors lose 
  • Favorites win 66% of their matches
  • Underdogs cover around 50% of the time 
  • Under 5% of NFL games in the 2017 and 2018 seasons had a safety
  • Yards are better for predicting future points than past runs 

The Most Popular Types of NFL Bets

There are a few types of NFL bets you can place. Whilst this can make betting really fun, it won’t be too much fun to you unless you know exactly what you’re doing. 

Here are the most popular types of NFL bets explained:

  • The point spread

With the point spread (also known as a “straight bet”) you’re backing a team to either gain points or lose points. For example, if you back a team at +3.5, they can lose the game by 3 or less (or win the game), and you’ll win the bet. If, on the other hand, you back a team at -3.5, they must win more than 4 points for you to win the bet.

  • Moneyline

The moneyline bet is perhaps the simplest of all NFL bets, which is why it’s so popular. With this one, you ignore the point spread. Instead, you’re betting on either the favorite or the underdog to win a game outright. 

  • Over/under

The over/under bet disregards winners and losers, and instead focuses on the combined total points scored in any one match. Before the match begins, the sportsbook will set a combined total number of points they think will be scored. Let’s say this is 44. It’s then up to you to decide whether the actual combined total will be over or under.

  • Parlay

The parlay bet is a super fun bet that’s ideal if you’re planning to watch a lot of NFL action over any given weekend. You pick X amount of times to win or lose and add them all to the same bet. If they all come through, the payoff will be pretty huge. However, all it takes is for just one selection to lose for you to lose the whole bet.

  • Props

Props betting has grown in popularity over the years because there’s so much you can bet on. Basically, a prop is a proposition, and it involves something specific to happen in a game (or outside the game). For example, you could bet on a player to score the first Touchdown, or which LB will get the most yardage.

NFL Betting Strategy 

In this section, I’m going to share with you a sports betting strategy that I personally use for the NFL, and which has brought my success in the past. Please note, though, that past wins don’t guarantee future successes. 

I call this strategy “looking for market flips.”

What does it mean? 

Firstly, it involves live in-play betting action. Secondly, you’re waiting for a market flip. It’s kinda rare, but when it happens, smart bettors can profit a lot.

Let’s say aside leads by two possessions, and the market hasn’t flipped through zero. It’s also not increased by a touchdown or more. You can then oppose the side that’s leading.

I typically enter the market in the first half when a team is trailing. My aim is to remove my liability quickly so that I can free up a risk-free bet. This means buying and selling after 3 possessions max just as a pile of money enters the market. If you look for the market flip that I just mentioned, and as long as you look out for key numbers and find the liability side, you can make this strategy work very well for you. 

Top Tips For Betting On NFL 

A good strategy is worth nothing if you don’t abide by a few guidelines that can help turn you from a recreational “losing” bettor into one who’s disciplined and successful.

Here are some tips for you:

  • Never bet with your heart

I shouldn’t have to say this so many times, but some people never learn. If you bet with your heart, you will always lose. Even if this means betting against your team, you need the resolve to do the right thing. This always means betting with your head

  • Check the matchups

Having knowledge of the intimate matchups will help you level up immediately. For instance, a poor offensive tackler won’t be a match for the best edge-rushers in the NFL 

  • Look out for injuries

Injuries can have far more sway than people realize. Always check the injury reports before placing your bet, as this could swing your bet in another direction. A key injury could potentially lose you a lot of money 

  • Don’t obsess over value

Yes, the underdog will be priced extremely better than the favorite. But that’s for a reason. And the reason is that it will probably lose 

  • Track the lines all week

Yes, tracking lines all week sounds boring. But good betting is all about knowing the true lines and the fair lines. Once you start tracking lines, you will understand just how much influence public perception has on them

Common Online NFL Betting Tools 

Whenever I bet on the NFL, I make sure to have my favorite tools by my side to help me out. Here are some of the most popular betting tools available:

This is the OG for shopping around for the best odds so that you place a sports bet that’s worth it

This is my favorite online podcast that’s rich with expert betting analysis from some ace football handicappers

The more data you crunch, the better you’ll be at betting, and NFL in particular. Swish Analytics is your machine learning friend 

Ever tried figuring out a complex bet and whether there’s value to be had? It can be hard, but Bet Calculator does all the hard work for you

Final Word On NFL Betting

Ready for the NFL season? I know I am! Now that you’re armed with knowledge on how to bet on the NFL, the next step is to choose a sportsbook that’s right for you. Then, sign up, grab the welcome offer, and implement the tips and advice in this article. I wish you the best of luck.

And don’t forget to leave a comment with your success stories!

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