Delay of Sports Betting Launch In Louisiana

Louisiana did not miss the start of football season but it might be close. Recently, comments from an official have indicated that Louisiana’s legal sports betting may happen soon following Hurricane Ida and law enforcement’s regulation with The State Police in charge (the LGCB).

The state police were briefly out due to this storm damage however they are back at full time now; which means eight applications for newLouisiana casinos/sportsbooks can expect approval after being submitted.

Louisiana sports betting is nearly ready

The legislation that legalized LA Sports Betting crafted a solid roadmap to get this market launched quickly. The emergency rules passed at last month’s meeting will let bookmakers launch on temporary certificates of authority approved by LGCB, which means they can complete their lengthy licensing process after an operator has already been live for some time now!

When it comes to gaming policy, the LGCB is always working hard on behalf of its members. This time around they approved permanent rules that will replace emergency ones at Thursday’s meeting and likely be published in January after some fine-tuning by state police investigators keenly aware how important implementing internal controls has been so far during this process.

The legislation allows for 20 landbased casinos located outside tribal lands with riverboat facilities already licensed through their current biographical profile applications or renewals; while these establishments do not require supplemental checks due only.

Louisiana sports betting fans are nearly at the end of their wait

The official start for legalized wagering occurred last November when 55 out 64 parishes voted yes on Proposition B, launching it into law once Governor John Bel Edwards signed off in December 2018 and making Louisiana one of only four states nationwide who offer what’s called “full” gambling (daily fantasy), which includes both Nevada casinos as well race tracks like GreyHound Park near New Orleans where horse-race bets can be made 24/7 365 days per year!

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