Arizona Sports Betting Lawsuit Is Not Finished

The Yavapai-Prescott Indian Tribe is making another attempt to stop Arizona sports betting.

The tribe filed an amended complaint Thursday against Gov. Doug Ducey and ADG director Ted Vogt in the Maricopa County Superior Court, which they hope will lead them on a path for winning their request of temporary restraining order or preliminary injunction denied back when this all started last Monday September 4th with three days left until NFL opening weekend began – which would account for 10% US bets during football games played throughout America being placed using Arizonean regulations as well as other interested states such as Florida where there’s also legal IG gambling but sorry guys.

The Yavapai-Prescott Indian Tribe is challenging Arizona’s expansion of gaming through a lawsuit. They argue that the legislature passed HB 2772 without adequate consultation with tribes, which would then make it unconstitutional and illegal if put into effect because there’s not enough support for these changes in our state constitution or federal law – something Congress needs to enact first before states can do so themselves (or otherwise risk losing additional gambling rights).

In an interesting Labor Day ruling, the tribe failed to prove their four points and were denied injunctive relief.
The first point they lost was on likelihood of success for their appeal: “Likelihood is not established here.” Next up came irreparable harm if we don’t give them what they want; but since this goes against public policy, no dice! And finally with regards balance between parties–which in this case favors neither side due lack-thereof argument from either party yet again!–the judge says he can’t make any decision until all facts are laid out before him at trial when relevant.

Sports betting in the Grand Canyon State has been a big hit with Arizonans, as they eagerly awaited opening day of football season. The market is now being led by just three states: New Jersey , Pennsylvania and Michigan . 18 mobile sportsbooks were operational for this first weekend but more options will be available soon according to representatives from AZ Gaming & Racing Association.

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