A Draft Of Regulations Was Released For Ontario Sports Betting

Ontario is about to get a lot more exciting for sports bettors. The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) released draft regulations on June 28th, giving aspiring Ontarians an opportunity they didn’t have before: live betting in late 2021! This marks yet another Canadian province with plans of embracing online gambling – but don’t worry because it’s all thanks to our friends across the border where American-style casinos are legal already.

Free up some space at home by putting your NHL tickets there instead?

Ontario sports betting regulations have been a hot topic in Canada for years. The aim is to create an open market where consumers are given the best options while also generating revenue, which has become more important because of budget cuts throughout provincial governments nationwide recently. Canadian Gaming Association President and CEO Paul Burns told LSR earlier this year that his organization would like all provinces’ rules on these types gambling activities across their borders “to be put into place right away.”

Maintaining Ontario sports betting integrity

The Canadian senate held a series of hearings on bill C-218, which would legalize single event sports gambling. Multiple senators expressed their concerns about match fixing during this time period and proposed an amendment that excluded any mention in the legislation for penalizing those involved with such activity or facilitating it through inaction The draft regulations aim at preventing these types of fraudulent activities while also addressing other potential issues related to sporting events being scams designed solely for profit rather than legitimate contests between players where skill matters most.

In Ontario, more than one out of every five people live in this province. This makes it a sought after market for sportsbooks because so many people from all over Canada have their homes here as well! And with teams like Toronto offering an exciting sports culture and plenty going on at any given time throughout the year (NBA, NHL & MLB), there’s always something new to bet or watch when you’re visiting – even if locales usually only offer football games during CFL season due to NFL lockout fears within North America’s biggest country: The USA.

Ontario is currently the only province in Canada looking to open up a market for lottery-style sports betting. Several other governments have been eager to take advantage of C-218 when it becomes law, and they’re already coming out with expanded parlay products that will be available soon after its implementation date. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau still needs establish an effective date though so we can get these new laws set!

The operators are lining up to take over Ontario

Toronto-based theScore is one of Canada’s most optimistic about their chances for significant market share. The company announced a partnership with Canlan Sports, which owns hockey arenas across North America and will be targeting adult recreational leagues in Ontario after partnering up this week on Thursday April 6th 2019 at Rogers’ headquarters where Scott Vanderwel was introduced as an executive overseeing operations while Nic Sulsky previously worked under former President Paul Beeston before starting his own advisory firm called One Eleven Consultants .

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