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There are a lot of factors that can go into making a sportsbook a crowd favorite, but most of them generally have to do with ease of use and good value for money. 5Dimes definitely provides quick service for those looking to deposit money and get started straight away, and their wide array of markets will have bettors of all kinds satisfied. There is no way you won't find a sport or a market that you can take advantage of! This will be a comprehensive 5Dimes sportsbook review to help you get the full scope of the company and its services. We will be discussing the good and the bad equally while covering common questions and concerns.
  • Great odds and a wide variety of sports betting options.
  • Reduced juice is a great way to boost the value of each bet you place.
  • One of the industry's longest-running online sportsbook websites.
  • Many different deposit methods to choose from, and quick withdrawal times.
  • Ancient user interface - can throw off a lot of newcomers.
  • A few cases of high profile user complaints against the company and the CEO.
  • Constantly changing features such as fees on withdrawals and availability in the U.S.

Overview of 5Dimes

The Sportsbook at 5Dimes – 5Dimes

Seeing as it is such an old website, many users see it as a sort of “Ye Ol’ Faithful” type deal. It’s one of those institutions that’s been around for so long that people get used to it and accept it, flaws and all. On a surface level, it can really repel newcomers as the user interface is truly a modern-day design disaster. It’s hard to believe a big company like 5Dimes has never updated their design, but perhaps it adds to the retro-ness and appeal for some.

In terms of odds and value, 5Dimes is as good as any other sportsbook out there, if not better. The diversity of the markets they display and just how many things you can bet on may be overwhelming for a few that are new to betting, but newcomers probably aren’t 5Dimes’s target market anyway.

A big issue when trying out 5Dimes is that placing a bet can be really confusing. There isn’t a streamline and easy way to just click on what you want to bet on, and it gets added to a betslip. There are a lot of different boxes to fill, numbers to look at, boxes to check, etc. It can be a mess.

For live betting, everything becomes much clearer, though. The live betting function seems to be simple enough to understand where you can just jump right in and put a bet into your betslip.

Depositing is easy and quick. There are reports of credit card scams/fraud that were traced back to 5Dimes, however, the validity of those claims is not set in stone and they seem to be outliers rather than the norm. In any case, if security is an issue, their Bitcoin deposit system is great, easy, and quick.

They have a helpline available 24/7 via live chat for any inquiries regarding your experience on the website, and the assistants are always helpful and responsive.

Things To Consider Before Signing Up

5Dimes is not without its controversies. Of course, someone will have something to say about everything; however, there are quite a few public cases that sour 5Dimes’ reputation a bit.

Yes, they have great market odds, and they have lightning fast withdrawal times. But for a lot of people, trust far outweighs everything else. If your sportsbook has a negative public reputation, then the user may not feel so confident in giving them their money.

The case in question is that an individual had won a bet but was given more money than he was supposed to. After checking with customer service and a manager, they confirmed he had won the correct amount of money. The customer would continue to win a great deal of money and had around $30,000 or more in his account balance. He was subsequently banned and physically threatened by the CEO of 5Dimes to return $10,000.

And then there are the claims that the user’s credit card details are being stolen from the website. However, those claims exist with every service that requires your credit card details, so take it with a grain of salt. 5Dimes has since worked diligently to repair their reputation and their customer service today is responsive and helpful.

Apart from that, we cannot reiterate enough how difficult the user interface can be for those used to modern-day betting websites.

5Dimes Broken Down: What’s It Got?

Live Betting

As mentioned previously, the presentation of odds and markets on 5Dimes can be a bit confusing at first and is not really that easy to use. There are a lot of numbers and boxes that can be a sore sight for eyes, but once you familiarize yourself with the basics then the whole process becomes a lot easier.

There’s a lot of betting options to choose from, and a lot of categories to fulfill your sports betting needs. 5Dimes has some pretty obscure markets to choose from as well, so rest assured you’ll be able to find everything you need there.

5Dimes live lines are perhaps the selling point of the sportsbook. Their wide array of options and selections make them one of the best for sports betting.


It’s great to see that 5Dimes has kept up with the times and included esports betting options. They have almost all the professional esports games you can imagine, from CS:GO to League of Legends or Overwatch, etc. For those who love watching the fast-paced nature of esports and are looking to enhance the experience, 5Dimes is a great place to start as they have really nice payouts.

The inclusion of esports shows that 5Dimes, through all of its outdated characteristics, are still willing to show that they can keep up with the times (just a bit). Having esports markets opens them up to a new demographic of younger bettors. Typically you see individuals looking to bet on esports on younger, less trustworthy esports-dedicated websites. They generally fall into a scam or have a lot of issues.

5Dimes trying to be a trustworthy beacon for esports is good news for that demographic as they provide great value odds for their favorite esports matches.

Live Dealer

When a sportsbook has an online casino, it’s always an excellent sign for bettors and gamblers as they can enjoy their games in one place without having to switch websites. Everything is all in one place.

The 5Dimes live dealer option allows you to play your favorite table games with a live dealer for added authenticity. A lot of the time, there are problems with people thinking that online table games are rigged, so having a live dealer can help alleviate those worries.

5Dimes’ live dealer is nothing special and follows the norm of most online casinos. Safe, reliable, and trustworthy.


Accessing the lotto tab is exceptionally annoying. You’re met with many popups, and you’re redirected continuously here and there when the lotto tab is actually a pop-under. Perhaps a small annoyance but really detracts from the experience of using the website.

As for the actual lotto ticket itself, it’s quite fun to play around with, and if you’re into making lotto tickets, it could be a great way to just slip in a little ticket.

Lotto is quite basic but it is always a nice feature to find out that your sportsbook has. It can bring a little bit of excitement, and it’s just a unique feature that not many places include in their services.


5Dimes’s poker room resembles Full Tilt Poker rather than something like PokerStars. You have the cartoon icons for each player, which can make for some fun customizing. The actual poker itself is decent – there isn’t a big player count as most people use PokerStars instead. However, it can be a solid option for those looking to play online.

In fact, it may be better to play in smaller poker rooms like this one as you have the ability to play with a smaller group of players and extract more money from them. On websites like Poker Stars there are so many people and so many games that a lot of them play quite loosely.

5Dimes poker has all the features you could ask for from an online poker room: there’s cash games, guaranteed tournaments, and sit & go’s that run 24 hours a day. If you’re looking to squeeze some money out of your opponent, you can literally do it at any time on 5Dimes’s poker rooms.


The 5Dimes online casino looks quite sad and extremely unattractive. If you were to log onto that page and try to play, you wouldn’t really be excited with flashing images and enticing slots. You’re met with very boring and flat, low-res icons for old and outdated casino games. Really uninspiring.

The games have very outdated coding and design and are really bare. Not something you would feel enticed to play. When it comes to online casino games, a different website is recommended.

You could definitely find the latest games, slots, and tables at other websites and have a much better experience there. I don’t think many people would want to play on really outdated flash casino games. People want much better graphics, better bonus plays and a variety of games. You will not get that at 5Dimes’s online casino.

24/7 Customer Support

One of the best parts about 5Dimes has to be their customer service and live chat. It’s great to have someone to talk to for any of your needs at any time of the day. They are always quick to reply, and you feel assured that your query will get resolved as quickly as possible.

For some reason, if you can’t chat to them, they have a U.S. hotline available for people to call. It would just be best for international users to use the live chat as that would alleviate most of their problems instantly.

Currently, due to COVID-19, there are some delays in response time as the company is cutting a few jobs due to necessity. This is understandable and is a consequence of the current circumstances – nothing that the company can really do about that at the moment.

Bonuses And Promotions

In terms of bonuses and promotions, 5Dimes offers the basics to all newcomers. They have cash back options, free payout rewards, and rebates. However their most prized promotion is their reduced juice rewards program.

Reduced Juice

Reduced juice is basically a program where 5Dimes reduces the risk and increases the reward for new players. That way, you can get the hang of betting and stick with 5Dimes as your chosen sportsbook. It’s a great incentive to entice players to be loyal to a company.

However, if you prove yourself to be a very profitable bettor, then they can remove the reduced juice option at any time. In general, bonuses shouldn’t be a crux for betting on a particular website but should be taken for what it is – a bonus.

You should be choosing a sportsbook based on the value of their odds, variety of options, and trustworthiness rather than the longevity of their bonus. Every company wants to get new bettors, but they can’t operate at a loss, after all!

Other Bonuses

There are other, less impressive bonuses that you can take advantage of if it interests you.

  • 20% + 10% extra cash back rewards
  • 30% super saver rewards
  • Casino rebate program

Admittedly, the bonus and rewards structure doesn’t seem all that attractive for new players. It appears as if 5Dimes gets all of its promotion through its acclaimed reduced juice reward and its great value markets.

What Are Others Saying About 5Dimes?

This review of 5Dimes hasn’t been only praise, and rightfully so. It’s important we do our due diligence and give our readers the full scope of a website so that they can make their own informed decision. So in fairness, it’s important that we express our own opinion and those of others too. Here are a few screen grabs of what individuals across the internet have to say

5dimes review 1

Those who don’t want to read that huge block of text: this person claims that 5Dimes isn’t giving him his rightful money and other claims of his payment information being stolen/sold. Not the most comforting situation to be in.

5dimes review 2

This individual very clearly reinforces the above sentiment that 5Dimes does not give winnings to the player.

You can find this sentiment consistently throughout the web if you look at genuine player reviews. Again, according to this player, they reinstate that 5Dimes’s lines are the best out there.

This is just the very tip of the iceberg when researching user sentiment towards 5Dimes. It can be a bit disconcerting to see so many claims of fraudulent activity originating from this website. Added to that, the story about the CEO physically threatening a big winner can raise alarms in a lot of people’s heads.

Frequently Asked Questions

They were, but they have stopped operations in the U.S. and do not allow U.S. based bettors to place bets on their website anymore. However, 5Dimes is based in Costa Rica and has a “sister site” called Betanysports. A lot of U.S. based users claim that their account was transferred over to Betanysports seamlessly and they can continue to place bets.

There are no prepaid cards allowed for deposits, and there is, unfortunately, no e-banking systems in place such as Paypal, Skrill, etc. Some users may not even have the option to deposit with a normal credit card and may only have the option to deposit with Bitcoin.

This can be a real hurdle for a lot of people as well. Still, seeing as the U.S. has very murky circumstances in regards to online gambling, 5Dimes probably felt they needed to take cautionary measures to ensure they aren’t met with legal challenges.

Likewise, withdrawals and payouts are only via Bitcoin. The minimum amount you can withdraw is $50, and they take a 3% commission on Bitcoin withdrawals.

Again, for different users in different countries and depending on the date reading this article, there may be the option to deposit with credit/debit cards.

Yes! Like most sportsbooks and betting websites these days, 5Dimes does have an app available on all major app stores like the Google Play store and the App Store for iPhones.

Strictly speaking, 5Dimes has had its troubles with users feeling like they weren’t getting paid and, as listed above in the “What Are Others Saying About 5Dimes?” section, a lot feel that 5Dimes is a scam. However, 5Dimes is a well-known institution in the betting world and has been around since 1996. There is a reason why it has been around this long and continued to operate and be one of the biggest sportsbooks around.

Of course, researching where you’re betting is key, and the same goes for 5Dimes. Although our 5Dimes review is comprehensive and fully researched, we encourage you to do your own and make your own opinion too.

5 Dimes Review: Final Verdict

All in all, 5Dimes has a great sports betting section, and they have awesome live betting odds and betting options. It makes a great platform if you are solely looking to start sports betting, as you will really not get such competitive odds and valuable prices for the wide array of markets listed.

If you’re interested in the casino games and live dealer, however, you will most definitely find better options elsewhere. You would be able to find the newest and best games at other websites, and they will have more enticing options with better graphics if you’re into that kind of thing.

The poker room is quite decent, although a bit empty. The player pool will be nowhere nearly as big as Poker Stars, but if you’re looking for a chill day on the tables earning some money, then 5Dimes’s poker rooms could be for you.

The fact that 5Dimes has great odds in their esports category as well really helps solidify them as one of the best sportsbooks, as esports is quickly becoming a top category for young bettors. There’s lots of room for 5Dimes to grow through esports.


5Dimes is not a top-tier sportsbook by any means. They have been around for a very long time and were once seen as a pretty golden standard in terms of sports betting, however as time moved on, and other websites kept developing themselves and pushing the boundaries, 5Dimes quickly fell behind.

This is just encompassed by the fact that the design and aesthetics still look like something out of a dial-up internet era pre-2000. If you don’t care about any of the criticisms mentioned above and are enticed by the positives, 5Dimes seems like a great way to get value for your money.



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