• They are genuinely wardens of the Canadian online gambling industry and have been operating for ages, which can make users feel assured that they are betting with a trustworthy website.

  • The sports betting section is Sports Interaction's bread and butter, so naturally they really try and make their sports section as jam-packed as possible.

  • They really do not offer any spectacular promotions or bonuses apart from a generic 100% welcome bonus. Perhaps they may offer more in the future, or provide members with more offers, but they seem to be very flat in the bonus department on a surface level.

  • You're instantly met with a very calming color scheme and a very easy to navigate website with no fluff. Sports Interaction gets straight to business and is not flashy and annoying with unnecessary banners and promotions.

  • There are reports that the deposit and withdrawal system can be very slow, but they do provide a range of different options for you to deposit.

Currencies Accepted

AUD, CAD, Danish Kroner, EUR, GBP, HKD, JPY, Swiss Francs, USD

Minimum Deposit





English, French, Spanish

Live Chat

Sports Interaction is an ancient powerhouse of a sportsbook established in 1997 in Canada. Naturally, the service is not available for the United States residents due to the country's complex relationship with online gambling. Surprisingly, Sports Interaction is actually the first licensed online casino in Canada, making it a true trailblazer in the North American industry. However, what is even more surprising is that Sports Interaction is not afraid of updating itself and keeping up with the times. Other online sportsbooks that were established around this time frame can often lag behind when it comes to innovation, so it's fresh to see one of the older websites trying to always stay modern. This makes a potent combination of experience and innovation. Sports Interaction is a sportsbook that knows how to operate a sound ship through over 20 years of experience and has the awareness to update their services and features continuously.
  • A trustworthy sportsbook that has been around for ages.
  • Great looking and easy to use the website.
  • A list of exclusive online casino games.
  • They have their own poker client.
  • Only available for Canadian residents.
  • Slow cashier service at times
  • None of the big-name e-wallets are supported on the website.
  • Esports selection is weak and lacks variety.

Overview of Sports Interaction


Sports Interaction isn’t one of the first names you hear when you’re considering a new website to migrate to. However it should be put up there with the best of them. The fact that they are based in Canada and do not operate fully internationally may be a reason why they aren’t as big as they might wish to be.

Generally when reviewing a sportsbook, the reviewer must tend to be critical rather than heap praise as it affects people’s money ultimately. However when analyzing Sports Interaction, although there are minute criticisms that can be vocalized here and there, the overall consensus is that it is a great website to sign up to and start betting with.

The sports betting section doesn’t feel empty at all. You can tell that Sports Interaction puts a lot of labor into curating the best possible experience for their users when it comes to sports. Unfortunately, although their odds and markets are extreme, they do not provide a live streaming service which can break the immersive experience up a little bit for some bettors.

For some sportsbooks, their casino page can feel more like an afterthought stuffed into the website just because they feel they have to. With Sports Interaction, however, they provide users with exclusive slots and table games, great navigation, and the latest games.

You don’t find this level of careful diligence with many sportsbooks these days. A lot of them can feel very copied and pasted with the same DNA in every website, so it’s quite rare to find a new sportsbook that proposes a product that feels very meticulous and extremely professional.

Things To Consider Before Signing Up

  • Sports Interaction is only available for Canadians. As previously mentioned, this website is not available for U.S. residents. This can be unfortunate for those living on the North American continent looking for a new sportsbook, however if you’re American, we can recommend a company like Bovada. For international bettors outside of Canada, we can recommend something like Bet365 or Betway.
  • Lack of rewarding bonuses. Sports Interaction is very skint in the bonus category and only provides a 100% welcome bonus up to $100. Sure, you might be able to go a long way with that, but they don’t really seem to feel the need to entice new players to join their website with flashy promotions.
  • Underpowered cashier service. Sports Interaction’s withdrawal times can take a little bit of time which can be a little frustrating. The deposit options provided to you are ample enough and can do the trick most of the time, but they don’t have options such as Paypal, Skrill or Neteller for those that rely on e-wallets for deposits and withdrawals.

Sports Interaction Broken Down: What’s It Got?

Sports Betting


As soon as you enter the Sports Interaction website, you are met with the sports betting page. You don’t waste any time on filler pages with promotional offers or anything. You are put straight into the deep end and encouraged to sign up, deposit and play right away.

You’re met with the “Most Popular” section right away and you’re given a selection of featured matches to bet on. This can be anything on any given day like the NBA finals one day, to Monday Night Football the next.

On the left hand side you see a sidebar with all of the sports betting options available for you. Without leaving the main page you can click on the arrow next to a sport to release a drop down to specify your bet even further. This is great for streamlining the betting experience and making the process concise and easy to use.

Building an accumulator is easy as the bet card is a big element on the page which makes it easy to keep track of what you’re betting on. The responsiveness of the sports betting page is fast and a great experience.

They do also have live betting so that you can find valuable and competitive odds while the game is live, however Sports Interaction does not currently offer live streamed content for any sports as of yet. This is unfortunate as adding a live streaming option does really enhance a user’s betting experience, however it doesn’t make or break the experience on Sports Interaction.

Thankfully, Sports Interaction does have a selection of esports games as well. On the flip side to that, it is extremely underdeveloped and bare bones. It seems as if perhaps they don’t have a member of staff that really understands the market well enough to warrant having more variety in the esports department. If you’re looking to bet solely on esports, another website would be much better.

Casino Games


What’s great about Sports Interaction’s casino tab is that it doesn’t feel like something mashed together really quickly for the sake of having it. Nowadays it feels like an online sportsbook is required to have additional services such as a casino and live dealer and they fail to deliver a quality service. Sports Interaction’s casino feels very professionally done and well curated.

As soon as you open the tab you’re met with a very clean and organized webpage that is very easy to navigate and find your favorite games. They have a selection of featured games that has an assortment of table games, the newest and latest slots, to exclusive games.

The instant impression you get when you land on the casino games tab is that everything looks clean. Everything looks spotless and extremely appealing. You could click any game icon and you could expect the game to be the most latest and modern version. That is something that is appreciated among the newer generation of bettors.

Live Dealer


When you open up the live casino tab, you are met with, once again, a very professionally made webpage. You feel no confusion about where to begin or what to do, the structure of the page allows you to be guided through to what you want to play very easily.

The live dealer service is powered by Sports Interaction’s very own company. They provide the dealers and the live streaming service to make bettors feel like they are playing with a more transparent system.

The benefits of having a live dealer tab is that there would most likely be less complaints from customers claiming fraudulent activity as they can see how transparent the dealer is being. On top of that, a lot of individuals seem to prefer the live service anyway and tend to play casino games there.


One of the more unique services you can find on Sports Interaction is their racebook tab. It’s not very often these days that you see a sportsbook have a dedicated page to horse racing anymore, as it’s definitely a past time for most bettors.

Their racebook options are very visually similar to the sports betting options, so if you’re familiar with how to read betting numbers and odds, then you shouldn’t have much of a problem here.

Additionally, if you would like, you have the option to bet on virtual horses as well which is a nice option to have just in case! There’s something for everyone, after all.


Sports Interaction’s poker client is currently only available for Windows computers and Android phones, which is not ideal as it alienates a large majority of the smartphone and laptop market. So, if you have an iPhone or a Mac, unfortunately you won’t be able to take advantage of Sports Interaction’s poker client. If you’re in Canada anyway, though, feel free to play on Pokerstars.

As for the service itself, it is not all that fully developed like other services like Pokerstars, 888poker or Full Tilt Poker. Currently Sports Interaction only offers online tournaments on their client and doesn’t have any special games such as Spin & Go or Sit & Go like you’ll see elsewhere.

That can be a deterrent for some, as not everyone wants to commit hours upon hours in their day just playing in a poker tournament. However if you are into that, then maybe you can find yourself to be a big fish in a small pond and take all your competitors’ money.

There are separate bonuses for their poker room, though! If you have just signed up with Sports Interaction, you can find a great bonus waiting for you. After depositing $10, you can receive a cash bonus of up to $200, you’ll get a $5 cash game ticket, $10 casino game bonus, and 5 Twister tickets.

Maybe you can get a nice little payday with those bonuses!

Customer Service

In terms of customer service, Sports Interaction checks all the boxes. If you scroll to the bottom of the page you can find a Help Center that has a very detailed FAQ page that could cover a lot of your queries, however if you had a specific technical request/query then you could either refer to their 24/7 live chat or their toll free number.

Response times are quick, even if you submit a query through their contact form! Typically you’ll receive a reply within 24 hours, but very occasionally you’ll receive a response even quicker than that.

The fact that Sports Interaction has a dedicated team to answer their customer’s problems round the clock really gives bettors assurance that they can solve any problem they may have. Sports Interaction has all around great customer support. Nothing to criticize here!

Bonuses & Promotions

As alluded to earlier, Sports Interaction doesn’t really mince around with bonuses or flashy promotions. New players can accept their welcome bonus and play with that, but you probably shouldn’t expect anything after that.

That may be good or bad news depending on who you ask. A lot of players sometimes feel as if certain sportsbooks’s promotions can be extremely vapid and invaluable. Sometimes sportsbooks provide players with bonuses that either do nothing or are completely useless, so perhaps having less, but more valuable bonuses, could be the way forward.

The poker room bonus seems to follow a separate trend from the main brand of Sports Interaction. In the poker client you will get quite a generous bonus package as mentioned above.

What Are Others Saying About Sports Interaction?

To show that we have no bias towards any particular sportsbook, we dedicate this section of the review to discuss and analyse what people on the internet are saying about certain companies.

If you crawl the internet for similar reviews, you’ll find that they rate Sports Interaction quite highly. Usually 7/10 or higher! That is definitely a good sign that most critical reviewers are showing good faith towards this website. But more importantly, what are customers saying?


This Reddit thread has a new customer asking if Sports Interaction is a legit website and is met with reassuring comments that yes, it is indeed trustworthy and genuine. The interaction here was great and constructive, and helped put a nervy new user at ease.


Generally, you see the most scathing reviews on websites like Trustpilot, but it’s important to digest the full scope of people’s opinions. This individual has crafted a very in-depth criticism on Sports Interaction claiming that they are withholding his money. This seems to be a very common critique if you take a quick scroll through Sports Interaction’s Trustpilot page.

Although we wish to understand what everyone is saying about the website, it is no coincidence that most people are generally receptive to this sportsbook apart from those on Trustpilot. Then again, every online sportsbook has horrible ratings on Trustpilot and perhaps it is not indicative of the general population’s consensus.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sports Interaction has a wide variety of deposit methods available. The main one would be Visa and Mastercard, and those are instantaneous and free. You can do an e-transfer as well straight from you banking app, but that can sometimes take up to 30 minutes. You can deposit with physical checks and transfers, but those are definitely not recommended under any circumstance unless absolutely necessary.

No fees! Once you deposit, you can expect to be billed for that exact amount and no more.

Withdrawals seem to largely be dependent on where in Canada you are and what service you use, but definitely a direct deposit into your bank account is the most common method. There are no withdrawal fees tacked onto any transaction. You are safe!

Ultimately, yes. There are indeed complaints on user-submitted review websites but an online sportsbook cannot function with a gambling license for over 20 years if they were scamming customers. It’s just not possible! On top of that, many people outside of websites like Trustpilot seem very appreciative of Sports Interaction.

Sports Interaction Review: Final Verdict

If we had to sum up our thoughts on Sports Interaction in one simple phrase: professional and reliable.

Whenever an online sportsbook has been around for this long, it can be safe to assume that they follow all the legal guidelines and rules necessary to continue operating. And there are a lot of restrictions, guidelines, and rules for online casinos to look out for. It’s almost impossible for an online casino to be fraudulent without being punished greatly by the government.

What is unique about Sports Interaction is they don’t really mess around by being something they’re not. They don’t deploy huge flashy banners promoting some new and flimsy bonus. They don’t have loud colors or have hard to navigate web pages. Everything is inviting and professional and has a calm presence about it.

Yes, for those seeking lucrative bonuses won’t find it here. But what you miss from bonuses you can find with a great selection of odds for a variety of sports and the newest and most updated casino games.

Although their poker client isn’t really all that special or fulfilling, it is still worth a shot if you’re looking to migrate from the pack servers of Pokerstars and onto something more intimate. You can find yourself against opponents that you feel comfortable against and perhaps you’ll have more chances of winning a tournament on their client rather than on a huge poker client like the aforementioned competitors.

If you were to have any problems at all with anything on the website, then Sports Interaction’s dedicated customer support team is more than willing to help you out and resolve the issue as soon as possible. They set a great precedent for how a sportsbook should resolve queries.

With all that said, if you’re a Canadian, then you do have a few options for sportsbooks to choose from, but Sports Interaction is a breath of fresh air. They have a somewhat quiet and serious demeanor that entices those that are serious about betting and have a focus on sports betting particularly.

If that sounds like something up your alley, sign up to Sports Interaction, grab your welcome bonus, and start playing today!



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